Cabbalistic Cross question?

I took a break for a few weeks and spent my time learning some witchcraft rituals/practices. Now I am back to my normal stuff and I thought I should add some color to my CC, Middle Pillar exercises. Also I read a book on tactile imaging and I wanted to kind of incorporate it all into my normal routine. I want to feel and vibrate better.

Then I read this:
One of the places in which such instructions fail is that they typically do not mention the significance of drawing the LVX down past Da’ath in the throat to the rest of the Middle Pillar. Just as Da’ath forms a veil or barrier between the Supernals and the rest of the sephiroth (and between Atziluth and the other qabalistic worlds) in the macrocosmic Tree of Life, so does it form a barrier between these levels of the microcosmic Tree within each individual’s sphere of sensation. This barrier must at all costs be breached; otherwise little benefit will be gained from the practice. In the Golden Dawn, the word “Atah” is split, with the first syllable being pronounced at Kether and while the shaft of LVX is being drawn down to the throat, while the second syllable is pronounced at Da’ath to signify bringing the LVX through the barrier of the non-sephirah.

Wouldn’t having a great big pillar of light sort of bridge that gap and isn’t there another supernal before you get to Malkuth. How do you bridge the lower supernal?
My spiritual education is sadly lacking but this is the first I have ever heard of this.
I am not educated enough to know if this is important, or if it is important to Thelema because they say it is important and therefore, to them, it is.
The logic makes sense to me, but what about the lower supernal. Do you need to bridge from Yetzirah to Assiah. (sorry, this is kind of above me. I looked at a diagram to get the worlds but I really don’t know what I am talking about) There are 4 worlds and we go from top to bottom, if we need to bridge one don’t we need to bridge them all. (this kind of reminds me of the lightning flash on talismans)