Buying talismans and charms online

Do any of you do this? If so, where do you recommend?

I mean I got my Lucifer pendant on Amazon shrugs

I mean already charged and enchanted

That would be something you’d want to do yourself.

That could be an easy trap to fall into.

Bought mine from a demonalter who charges each one

Don’t do it bro, not unless you can divine that it’s charged with what is says it’s charged.

I got a black shirt with this written in red from Amazon, but when I saw this today by accident, I had to have it.

For the more generic stuff, like basic pentacle pendants and the like, I usually go to, because they send coupon codes and crap all the time.

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Nothing wrong with buying a charm/pendant online because you think it looks cool. But I’d never buy something like this because of the promise of an entity being attached to it or anything of that nature. Better to learn how to enchant your own items, since you really will have no idea if it’s legit until after you’ve given them your cash


Pass the object through the at least one of the four elements to drain whatever latent energies off of it. Run some water over it visualizing it cleaning the energies away. Set it in some salt for about an hour or overnight to ground away any energy. Or bury it in the ground. Pass it through the smoke of incense visualizing it blowing the energies away.

You can also consecrate it in a similar manner while focusing your energy on to the object. Visualize the object being charged with your intent. Do this while also asking whatever entities to lend their energy to the object and bless it.

Binding an entity to an object is also done in a similar manner. Search BALG for more info.]

Basic pentacle pendants, rings and the like, also

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Could someone recommend a site where i can find a silver pentagram? One in Europe.

There are loads on ebay if you can charge your own, and if you want to wear it inverted, use nail clippers to carefully clip the bale off and sand the remaining parts of the bale with a fine emery board (like you’d use for nails), then string it on cord that loops around 2 points. You need 2 pieces of cord, one per side, but it;s the easiest way to wear an inverted pentagram if the style you want is usually only sold “point up.”