Buying a white robe online

A ritual that I wanna do requires a white robe. One meant for a halloween costume will most likely not last. I found one for ren faires, and its less than half I payed for my black robe. How well do ren fair robes last?


Making Magickal items yourself, and thereby infusing energy into them, is an offering of your time and effort. It shows that you are dedicated to it. Also, in the process you pick up new skills.

Cutting up and sewing a newly bought sheet really isn’t the most difficult of things.

Using items that you have made yourself, as good as you can, really feels better than some store bought Extra Special Wizardsuit. :wink:


I’m having enough trouble making banners.

This sort of thing should explain why I am so full of hate and envy for modern, Internet Age Magicians. Most of you would have absolutely no idea of how impossible it was getting hold of simple stuff - like a robe - in the dark, pre-Internet days without debit cards. Add to that books, jewellery, accoutrements, sundry odds-and-ends (like Mandrake root) and groups such as this one. My consolation is that I stuck with Magick.