Buying a Familiar

Do you believe that you can buy a familiar? I ask because I bought a familiar from someone who was attached to a ring. Now I recall I used to hear singing randomly as well as smell sweet flowers all over the house. I have not gone through any of those experiences in a long while but I also have not contacted nor tried to contact this familiar in sometime now. Could the pains I have been feeling be associated with the fact that i haven’t kept up with her or could it be in my head ?

Firstly, you must maintain these entities. Secondly, if you are feeling pains you should consider a check up

But beyond that you may have a parasite linking on to you.

So i may have messed up by not maintaining my relationship with her ? Do you think I can still salvage the relationship ? And Parasite? Could it be from the astral plain ? I have gotten a checkup as well heart came back perfectly fine blood work was fine. I used to have thyroid issues but for some reason it ended up healing itself which I could not explain to my doctor seeing as i was setup for radioactive iodine to kill my thyroid. So there is that. I am a hypochondriac so i go to the doctor for any and every little thing. So i am sure they would have found something. I just picked up the ring which houses and contains my familiar and felt a instant connection and a feeling of love came over me and forgiveness that I have never felt before.

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Ah man bruh, hypochondriac is your issue. That exacerbates an issue that was probably minor to begin with.

If you can find a spirit to help you free yourself of that you will unload a ton of bricks off yourself. Beyond that, do cleansing and banishings on the frequent, negative spirits will be drawn to you.

okay. I have a sage stick and a couple of spells for just that. Thank you and i have been trying to not be this way but it is harder then most people think. I mostly think it is my mind and how it is.

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I understand, I would make it a goal to conquer it. It is possible, I believe in you.

Good luck

thank you.
Blessed Be!

Yes, you can buy a familiar bound to a ring, if the magician you buy from knows what they are doing. I have a familiar who was found for me by another magician, though she is not bound to anything but resides within my heart chakra.

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okay thank you so much. I am glad to know that. I feel that I need to rebuild the relationship I have with her. And build a stronger path.