Butterfly shadow

Hai everyone. I’ve been thinking for the last 5 years now about the things i was experienced.
I was called by my uncle went to village in mountain. There was a butterfly, big butterfly the size about one big hand of adult hand. But the strange is, u not see it like u see table, mosquito or real thing that have real body, real body that u can touch. This butterfly come when all ur place is dark (no light) and to see it u have to on ur torch (not strong light) or candle and u can see it fly. We saw it, the 5 of us. Until now, i was wonder, what was it is, something alive but no physically just a shadow.
If any of u know what it is, pls tell me. Thank you

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I had a dream about a spider and saw it when I woke up. It was a pure shadow that climbed up the wall and disappeared in front of my eyes. Shadow dream spider I called it.

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This is not a dream. This is real. That family called us to throw away that “butterfly spirit” from their house which is they think it can cause a death or something terrible in their family. This butterfly only can found when all ur whole house is dark and using torch and find them, they fly just like the comman butterfly. It was a long time ago, but suddenly my memory bring back that thing…

Its a dark soul. Butterflies represent the soul in most cultures. It being dark means its a dark soul.

Not bad … Just dark.

It’s interesting that you bring this up during this time.

I think it hasnt been born yet. It was a fortelling of something to come. Soon now.

Very intersting indeed.


Spirits use symbols to communicate. Usually, butterflies are symbols of transformation and natural progress in life, the strange dark butterflies might be symbols that something is blocking your progress or negative transformation.

This might be a warning. Like any transformation, they usually are a part of a natural process. This might be an indication of need to settle down and focus and choose one direction or that you have chosen the wrong path or direction and need to make a correction from past mistakes or grievances.

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Thank you so much guys u have answer my curiosity. I wish i can go back to that family house to see back what happen to thet family now. But i cannot. Their house was in the forest up top the mountain and so far which is take a 2 days travel from where i m now.

Ya i think it was an unborn soul. And i just remember, the wife was pregnant their 3th chid

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