Butterfly effect ritual

I’m busy going through my old Journals and I found a ritual called the butterfly effect ritual-I had read this in some book quite a while back and read my comments about what I was going to do with this ritual. They had all worked which was great but I didn’t record where I got the ritual from. The ritual is basically around creating an effect now, concentrating on a link to the past and then whirling around until you feel you are in the past and you activate the intent . I suspect it might be Philip Farber or Taylor Elwood but cant find it . Any ideas?


It is from an article by DJ Lawrence, in the anthology Magick on the Edge, edited by Taylor Ellwood.


Would you mind sharing the ritual ? :slight_smile:

It sounds really interesting and intriguing !

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Ah great thank you

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So you can do this ritual to influence the past ( it can also be done for future)
Preperation: Create a sigil with the intent to travel back and introduce change
Perform a banishing
Having prepared a link to the past ( photo or something from then) start to spin around counter clockwise. Continue reading or staring at the object while spinning around. Try recall as many past memories as possible going from teh present all the way back to the time you are going to.
Once you fall get up and get your bearing. Look at your past ( in your head) and try visualise it to the smallest degree. Redo the whole ritual later and then make a change and make this change as part of your memory of that time ( you return to the present by going clockwise)


Thank you ! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve never heard of this.
Definitely saving this for later.
Although gotta be smart about when, doing this at night after eating might just result in throwing up :joy:

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