Busy and missed a day

Recently I’ve been very busy but the book said I needed to perform a certain ritual for 5 days, what if I missed a day?

Shall I do it over again for 5 consecutive days?

Let me guess a love spell from Magickal Seduction?

Anyways, I’d say just go with it anyways, at the end of the day it’s the intention that matters


I’d advise not doing it over , let’s be realistic , in the modern times who knows what can pop up , don’t beat yourself up about it , move on and try something else

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I agree with @Pandagoose, finish the remaining days and it’s going to be fine.

What book? If it is one by Damon Brand, he generally says it is fine to miss a day, just add an extra one to replace the one you missed.

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Going against the current here but I think you should go back and do it again, as annoying as it might be. I kinda think skipping a day (even though I get that you did not skip it on purpose and life happens) defeats the whole purpose of a several days ritual.
If what you are after does matter to you then I’m sure you can find the will to start again.
But then again it’s entirely up to you :slightly_smiling_face:
If the day you missed does not strike any doubts within yourself regarding the thing you are trying to manifest or accomplish then I guess you’re fine this way !

Doesn’t make sense

Not sure if this was meant to be funny, but I couldn’t help but laugh.

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