Business deal - possession

So every three months or so I randomly will slip out of my body into the astral plane in the middle of the night. It’s weird because when I try, it’s extremely difficult and most times I don’t succeed, but every three months I slip out without even trying. So anyways on one of these nights I was hovering over my body just enjoying the waitlessness, when a voice came from the right side of my bed. I turned to see a shadowy figure sitting by my bed with what seemed to be a hat. He was sitting with his legs crossed and had a very “professional” mannerism about him. While I was in the process of separating from my body I thought to myself that I wondered what the loud vibrations are at separation. The demon told me that it was the sound of your astral self’s vibration changing and there for clashing with that of your physical self, and that that’s the whole reason we’re able to project in the first place. He then offered me possession as if it were some sort of business deal. I politely declined and he was okay with that. He respected my decision and left me be. He was very polite and diplomatic.


I wonder who he could be…:thinking:
Also, what where his terms in offering possession of you?

No possession without identification. The shadowy hatman is a common shape perceieved by dreamers and sensitives but it does not mean it is evil. It’s more or less a spirit that is closer to the material realm and one you cannot see completely due to your own sight being inssuficiently strong enough, them not having a defined idea of their own being, or them being an initiatory spirit.

It makes sense the last option since you’re clearly well psychically developed to slip out your body and be aware of it, but possession has only two uses, which are either alteration of your body or tutelary experiences. Be it for healing or for experiencing visions and other meaningful experiences, like say automatic writting or so called psychic chirurgeons that are able to pull tumors out of patients with their bare hads with no bloodloss or damage. Please keep in mind most of them are just scammers squeezing chicken meat between their fingers and using sleight of hand to fool the patient into believing they actually dug in their bodies, but if one is the real deal? It’s a spirit doing the job.

So yeah, don’t allow possession unless you hold sway over the spirit and know who you’re dealing with. Many times it is a spirit by which you have a pact hailing from an earlier past life, but ask yourself why would anyone do anything for free, before some low-ranking bumblefuck ghost pulls a pyramid scam on you :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow thank you for all the insight. I didn’t even know about half of that. I’m so knew to everything. And no there’s absolutely no way I’d agree to possession no matter who it is haha. The being appeared to be composed of black smoke with some kind of glowing/burning firey rock inside his body. He was wearing an entire suit. Which I’ve only ever seen one other demon actually wear “clothes” in a manner of speaking.

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I’m not sure who he was. I wasn’t afraid of him though so he couldn’t have been all that bad? He didn’t offer any terms. I’m sure maybe if I had agreed he would have? Maybe… you never know really. There’s always someone looking to scam you out of something, whether that be human or spirit.

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