Burning out to quikly in the offerbowl

I have seen many videos on magicians using their offerbowl where it continue burning. Everytime I burn a sigil or other paper there is not enough air to keep it burning. How do you other do it?

Are you covering the bowl and thereby smothering the flame? There’s more than enough air in the room for you to breathe and the fire to burn a small paper.

The flame does need to be able to reach the paper, and I can find small bits remain unburned, so I hold it until almost the whole thing is alight.

The other thing you can do is use charcoal disks and light that, placing the paper on the burning coal, with or without incense.

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My secret to big grand fires is frankincense oil be carful though because it is very flammable I put a few drop in the bowl before I burn anything and the a drop or two on the paper when I am ready to burn it. It gives me a good flame and a decent burning time. I am usually doing some kind of healing or working with a deity that accepts frankincense as an offering anyway.