Burning inside...Lucifer...weird?

I was thinking of Lucifer and thought to myself “damn dude seems really cool like Kakashi Sense from Naruto. He always knows what you need when you need it. Wish he could talk to him so I can connect more with Naamah and the rest of the gang.” While looking at his sigil a powerful but gental voice as clear as day in my head said “draw my sigil by hand using my name as the intent of each stroke of your pen focussing with an empty mind. Right my enn above it so its in your peripheral. 15 breaths per minute no more…enjoy.”

Did all of that and decided to do breath work first and holy fuckin hell is this intense. Feels like spirals of napalm all over inside my limbs and my entire core feels like a furnace of pure rage and chaos fighting with each other creating pure focus, intent and power. Idkwtf to say if thats even the best way to explain it.

@C.Kendall this is your guy am I doing something right?


I remember the first time I talked to Lucifer (by summoning him) and it was really intense. I mean, I was being pushed back physically and I could hardly breathe. It was really amazing though.