Burning hand after Spell

Hi, Yesterday I tried writing my first Talisman so to call, I did 2 spells one that needed to be written 7 times with some pepper, and one that is kept with you at all times. They both use Djinns as a base

After finishing up, I went to sleep with a very light heart, and while writing my first one I could feel goosebumps and my hair standing and some chill, alongside a presence coming from my room and right in front of me as I performed in my living room.
As I went to sleep at around 7 am, I dreamt vividly of my left hand being burned 2nd degree burns and it felt numb as I was asleep.

Does this have any significance? Maybe it is related to the fact that in Islam it is believed that Djinns are restrained during Ramadan which happens to be now?

Is it possible that your latent traditional ideas about the Djinn and the Left Hand Path may have manifested in your dreams?
Traditional religious superstitions take time to shed.

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Could be as well, I know that within my family Djinns have manifested to us in many ways, my sister has seen and talked to one, I talk to them in my dreams and feel their presence and I know when they’re there, I also interacted with them many times during my childhood, I heard and saw some. I went down this path as I am no longer afraid of them, although most of the ones I interacted with were sent to hurt. Do you have any experiences within the field? I might be trying tonight and evocation of a demon rather than a djinn and see where that leads me.

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