Burned Mental Images : Retina issue or Third Eye thing?

Opening the third eye is complicated and varies from person to person, it is not always easy and possible to open and modify/unlock a specific chakra in your body, it is a long process that could take years ,or it could even fire back to you in a form of illness or health problem due to possible body or energy incompatibility/unadaptive condition.

One question that rises itself is why burned mental images happen? specifically when you have an unlocked and functioning third eye. The other question is the extreme light sensitivity, it’s painful and annoying, even if it was a dot of sunlight mirrored to the ceramic, or even the flashlight of the phone.

1 ) Burned mental images:

The mental image appears like this:

Single-colored (commonly white) with bit of details and depth.

This burn in the vision affect your ability to see clearly, so basically it affects your vision. This happens when the object is fully covered and exposed by light (shiny objects) , or it is a light source (like lump, wall glass or display). When you close your eyes, the image will disappear gradually. When you open your eyes, it’s there like a burn (yellow/white colored) even though it is not very strong in detail (half transparent). Sometimes weird burns randomly occur, like dots, window shapes and so on. The more you concentrate on the mental image, more details will appear.

2 ) Eyes light sensitivity

Since opening the third eye chakra, they are too sensitive for light. This is a common issue. Energy work is not efficient and the results are not quite good. At it’s worst, sunlight can cause instant damage to the retina (black dots in vision) just after getting exposed to the sun. Even light lamps and laptop display can cause this.

What do you think? share your thoughts.


I do not know the answer but if it is something that you do not, each time my third eye develops I feel more and more sensitive to light and when I see images with a certain light, their silhouettes remain when I close my eyes.