Burned house. walls Curse


So today a friend told me her aunt found a red dress inside the house walls, and think something is haunting them, reasons are as follow

Noise when nobody is home, = people walking etc.
The house has been burned multiple times including now, it has been renovated.
also in the backyard a black cloth with safe pins the opposite ways, mind you they been living in that house around since 1992…
and other weird anomalies, I’m also curious to know what this is.


First thing I’d do is make contact and ask the same questions.

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Sounds like a curse almost. Maybe a poltergeist.


Agreed with @Evilicious make contact with whatever energy is present but take precautions, also give due respect like you would to another human being. I used to be part of a paranormal/ghost hunting group when I was younger. People in the group would go in and say dumb shit to them, acting like the spirit was hostile before they actually found any sign of it, if there was a spirit there it would then treat them with hostility. I had a much different approach of taking shrooms and talking to them like a person, like a friend who wants to help or just listen. Wasn’t appreciated by the group, but then again i only had positive experiences with spirits. But yes, take precautions (circles, salt, crystals, whatever will make you feel most in control of a situation that seems to be going down hill), be direct, but not aggressive, and just listen and feel. If its bad banish it and cleanse the fuck out of the place. :slight_smile:

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I suggest you: * If you take the prospect of going to the bottom of the situation you must channel the virtue of a deity such as that of Prince Vassago to show the past, the history or background of what lived in the building because there this key: to know what happened in the infrastructure and to determine according to what happened which way to take to banish,clean and bring balance to the astral of the property that is alienated without trying to contact what lives in that plane.

  • If you take the perspective of channeling and scanning what you inhabit or inhabit take the foresight, because when you notice your intentions to liberate the property it will be a fact that you fight to stay in the area that you dominate and exert your influence will start after you a espionage from them, It is necessary to detect and check if they are disembodied spirits who were placed or spirits or commissioned entities, or miscellaneous of both branches, in parapsychology this type of manifestations is studied much daily. * For what it’s worth, take this suggestion, if not omit it!

Well the house was completely burn down, and rebuild, they no longer lived there, but told us about this recently. i founded interesting.

Thank you. I will see if I talked to the new people that live there, don’t know how they will take my approach but let’s see.

Thank you again.

Try digging under it as well, although if they don’t want to tear it down that’s not an option.

I suggest moving; it obviously has a history and whatever lingers there may not be removed through these events (fires etc).

It doesn’t happen often yet some properties are uninhabitable for that reason (people just leave and never look back). There have been documented cases.

Yea, that is exactly what they did.

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