Buné's Help

Just wanted to let everyone know that, though I have yet to do an actual evocation, Bune does seem to be helping me. And I have been regularly giving my thanks and appreciation. Things seem to be flowing in my way and I have been staying calm and going with it. Even when things I try are annoying other thoughts and plans appear in my head. It may take a while, but I know with Bune’s help and guidance I’ll get through my debt. (That’s all I’ve asked for. Is help with my debt. I dont want to be rich. I just want the debt gone.)

Thank you everyone for your help and thank you Bune.


Hail Duchess Bune


Things sometimes may need time; please ask Bune if there are any other problems/constraints in your life to be removed; you may get help from some magicians too.

Bune sure will help ; helped so many people in so many ways.

However please keep in mind that universe favors the bold , and sure you should show some serious efforts so that sprits may help you in their way. Things are not as simple as ordering a pizza via internet for most of us; (otherwise all the world would probably do magick and nothing else).

But believe in magick as it is real, and sure you will get some serious results but then again please be very realistic and do your best (whatever you can on your own) and believe that your efforts will amplify and will give more power to your wish. As long as you’ ll carry the bricks, you can be sure that you will get immense help.

All my blessings and good luck.

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