Meditated looking at Bune’s sigil.
in like 4 mins…I saw a greenish glow around the sigil and as my focus got deeper and deeper the sigil’s bigger circles started swirling like water and idk why.Then one part of the sigil started to rotate (attached in the picture which part) like it rotates when you search something on google and the page keep loading.

Did I open the sigil tho?What was that?I never had something like this happening.20200711_211552


I say you did open the sigil.Whether Bune came out or not, I cannot say.But your chances are much higher if you saw the glow.


thanks!:slight_smile:hope so

Yes,you did.It was successful evocation,just work on your astral senses to achieve better result. Spirits always come when we call them…most of us are not able to feel sensations and than we think that they are not came…


I am starting to become clairoaudient and I did hear a “I am here” with a low soft female voice but I just don’t believe myself cause I can’t differentiate if it’s my brain or the spirit!:sob:


It’s you hearing first words like a baby’s first steps :slight_smile: Its a good sign,try to work more intense on your 3th eye and clairaudiance chakras and if you are dedicated you can open yourself to hear spirits fluently till end of this year . How do you know its not you…simply listen what the voice say,is it something what you will say,usually it’s different personality.


thanks for the tip!:heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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What are the chakras associated with clairaudience? The throat chakra?


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I also thought there were minor energy channels/points just above the ears called the “inner ears” or something to?

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Bune is always so responsive. I have not be able to hear her or feel her yet but I know she is there for me.

I talk extensively to her and she is always there to support me in my financial mess.

This post is another chance for me to express in public -like I promised her- how much responsive and friendly she is and that I want to deeply thank her.

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don’t know about that but yes there are some points I saw an imagery in a meditation.

I did petition her and meditating on her sigil daily waiting for a miracle through my tarot page.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Correct! But they are also clairaudiance chakras inside of ears and head area ,they are directly responsible for our possibilities to hear other side.

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I had worked awhile ago on the chakras inside/just above my ears – and yeah I had results.

Clairaudience sorta improved, but my hearing was like ultra-sensitive after. I had to leave my house because the TV sounded like a boom box throughout the whole house, as did the radio. I also heard a low hum outside for some reason to.
Took awhile for that to calm down (the street outside my house sounded like a race track to lol).

I had also added in a few other chakras but focused alot on my throat and the ones near the ears + imagining my ears as being really big satellite dishes or antennes to “pick up” spirit. So maybe that’s why. @princessofdarkness

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Same.I can’t even hear music with the same volume I used to.Gives me headache.:new_moon_with_face:

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Same here,that’s normal when you become clairaudiance.


Still trying to figure out what the low hum was.

Also would hear a high pitched noise from vehicles to, a VERY annoying high pitched noise…the noise wasn’t loud (similar to the low hum in that way) but didn’t sound good to my ears. Same with anything electrical to I noticed.

Unfortunately you can’t change that ,I am hearing spirits one year and every sound causing distraction.

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