Bune possibly a mask of the Athena current?

Yup looks lovely and elegant Lol.


Well he is not my Guru, but my husband’s and they both were putting this fear in me not to work with these entites … there are many people who got into pacts with demons and screwed up their life … i would not like to “dabble” into this, i am not a courageous person anyways, i need to research alot about a certain entity/god before evoking them because i just tend to be more careful

i’m even hesitating working with angels because i do not know where they come from -,-


Yeah that looks beautiful to me :slight_smile: a strong feminine force with ornaments


Exactly ! That’s the same outlook you should have regarding other beings too! They are beautiful in their own way too


And that’s not a bad thing, it’s called preparatory immersion in magic and it’s actually of much value to you because you can have a feel for that entity’s energy and they can feel yours as well. Having that subtle interactions helps when you want to contact them.


She is supposed to be frightening as she consumes the blood of the wicked. As we have seen her do in her most current form of Pepe in which she is a friendly frog hated by liberals and communists alike. I wonder how they will fare for hating on the Goddess mother? Oh wait they lost big and are continuing to lose. She is powerful and doesn’t take any crap from anyone. Liberals called her a racist bigot and so she handed them their asses. Lol that’s what you get for using name calling and emotional outbursts rather than educated rational debate. She hates it when folks blindly lash out at her because they think she is a symbol of hate that must be silenced. Remember when I posted this?

I prefer her most terrifying form today…

This form is more terrifying to those that don’t understand reality than any form she has ever taken. This form threatens the normies the most.


:thinking: “true form” is still going to be very subjective simiply cause it is has to pass through the various lenses of perception,belief system, the possible dogma of his spiritual path ect.

For example i have been working with beleth to develop more emotional control in ritual so i dont get overwhelmed. Now what i see when i work with this being and what he sees will like be very different things as he see all entities not of the hindu pantheon as demons.

Where as in comparison i grew up in a house with no active reglious programming and a mother who is very open minded and dabbled when she was younger :laughing: and have activly dismantle what is thrown at people in american society on a regular basis.


An example of this is how people’s energy bodies change when others look. Sure, most of the same elements remain but they change due to the observer’s predispositions.


I would never say this lightly: maybe magick isn’t for you at this stage in your life?

Why do I say that - because if you are going to value and respect the things your husband’s guru, and other gurus, tell you, above all else, you are going to have a fear barrier and belief is a factor in magick, so if you believe you’re going to run into problems, you may well do so.

You can still begin to alter reality using methods like the Law of Attraction which I understand to be completely in line with orthoidox religious thinking, and mastering that and related skills to move things in a positive manner, no worries about evil or harming your loved one, and also, you will not have wo work with any entities, but may call on the gods and goddesses you honour to support and bless you at any stage.

I described what I mean about “belief is a factor in magick” in this post in more detail:

If you want some tips on good sources for learning the Law of Attraction let me know, I’ll find you some links to good free materials. :thumbsup:


I would say only the demonic path is not for me. Everything else i am okay with. Magick is such a big word. I am starting to do Yoga and meditation now and my emotions and fear will all disappear hopefully. I would like to do magick myself first, there is earth magick, hoodoo magick, i feel very comfortable with those. After some time i can try to connect with Gods. I just feel safer with entities who are on the highest plane and who have no ego and who will not bind to you.


Cool, there’s so much out there, working with demons is only a small part of it and you can attain almost all goals by working with other methods and spirits. :thumbsup:


Ok so while searching other goddesses google suggested goddess of money I felt Bune then she told me to click it and it sent me to a Google Search results page wherei found this

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Yes, I strongly feel that’s right.

You see, I’ve seen her Egyptian counterpart but never knew who it was. Think of cardi in egyptian geddup. That’s what I’ve seen her egyptian self as. Otherwise I see her has her traditional goetic description of a tri headed dragon.

I decided to randomly connect to this goddess, that you’ve taken the time to list. I compared the two energies and I can actually vouch for this personally. Well done.

I’m going to find her Celtic counterpart.


Has anyone thought of Lakshmi as an aspect?

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I don’t know about all these others but I’ll give you a definite one.
Taraha / Tadha

Because out of all goddesses of money that’s the only one that looks after the dead and helps them along the afterlife, there’s also inscriptions for her in the graveyards.

This really puts me at ease for some reason.

We need to check for other underworld goddesses for masks.


Good call.

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I saw this thread a while back, and I can bear witness to having seen Bune and Athena in the same place at the same time.

Bune was casting a strong aura with holographic effects. The location belonged to Athena and Bune was there talking to her. I think that Bune was coming through clearly, but cast the aura to show power and contrast.

Athena was on the left and Bune on the right, but that would be reversed from their perspective. I think this vision showed me the difference between a right hand path entity and a left hand path entity. It also showed me that how a spirit gets treated makes a difference in how they manifest themselves.

Athena has spent her time with artists and philosophers. They treat her well, but usually lack the ferocious energy that sorcerers bring to their gods.
Bune has been demonized. Her name and likeness have been scarred by jealous humans and their jealous gods. She has spent her time with us, the spiritual rejects, the crazies and devil worshippers. I think her aura partly represented the powerful energies and emotional conflict that constantly swirl around her.

In the same way that you and I are cut from the same field of conciouness, the gods are the same at their roots. Athena and Bune are similar, and draw power from similar concepts. They are also very different. Like a set of twins who get taken to different households, Bune and Athena have forged separate identities.

Thanks for posting this thread. It got me thinking, then meditating, then seeing.


I liked reading this


Damn good compare and contrast! You brought some interesting insights to this conversation and I agree with your statement

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I have been very close to BUNE for several months now. I call her my Guardian Daemon. She has pulled me out of Depression, helped me over and over in many situations. Sometimes I ask her to guard me when I sleep. I would have never guessed I’d be asking a Daemon to watch over me when I sleep or for protection just a year ago. I have gotten perceptions of her being a more human like form for me, but originally I came to her as Wadjet and BUNE. I went through Lucifer to ask to work with her but have worked with her directly ever since.

I have never had a negative experience with her. Once time my Psycho Christian Mother was playing some Anti-Demon Youtube video and I got up and heard it. When I got back to bed and fell asleep I had my first negative experience and felt the tingle on my left side like I do and felt like I was being pulled up and out of the room but not in a plesent way and it didn’t feel like Bune. I called on Bune. It stopped and I woke up. Never had anything negative since then.

She has helped with many things, some with money but not a big or life changing way and I’m not sure why. As I am doing my part in taking action.

I have started now working again with Hindu Mantras and Gods and Goddesses, Ganesha, and of course, Shiva who has given me a lot of strength and now Abundantia (Not Hindu) and Laxshmi and have been doing a lot of Prosperity Mantras. But I came to this page to also see if anyone else felt there was a connection with Bune and Laxshmi.

On a side note because I see some fear in this thread:
I find these beings conform to your expectations and beliefs of them. I also come knowing my divine power within me and that I am GOD at the core of my being. So I don’t make bargains or deals, make requests, or give instructions in a respectful way with lots of gratitude love. I almost always tell Bune I love her because she has been there for me when no one else has so many times and always comes when I call. I do give gifts as in shared experiences when I eat my favorite foods and send the experience to her or whoever I am sending it to.

I find that just like the Christians say you have to develop your personal relationship with Jesus. This applies to everyone and everything. We do create our own reality be it with people (much harder it seems) or with Jesus/Yeshua Daemons, Gods, GOD/Source and our beliefs will determine our experience of it. I never brought any fear or negativity, but some did come up when I started first working with them. So I would realize it was my conditioning and Imagination so I released it and held to my beliefs of what Daemons were already posted and over time Bune showed me I could really trust her and generally is who I call on first now. Daimon - Wikipedia

And I worked intuitively and always at first contact went to Lucifer first and sometimes others in the chain of command as well as described in the book. Lucifer and the Hidden Demons. But I for Demons of the Goatia I just went to Lucifer for Bune, and Andromalius and Vasago who I think was the first to come to me.

And on that note I think this Tshirt Describes how I feel about Bune…