Bune is the real deal! (My experience and a little praise to him)

Hi everyone,

Without getting too much into detail. I asked bune to help me get a car that i want and to help find financing to it. Today, i received a phone call accepting my request and soon i will be able to buy that car. I promised him a public praise, and here i am keeping my word.

I have not worked with any spirit that was willing to do the work for me and show me results. Bune you are fucking awesome. I totally regret not contacting u ever before yesterday. Lastly, I highly suggested contacting him/her Bune is amazing and gets u the results u seek.

Hail Bune (Bime)


How did you contact him?

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Well, this is what i did:

  • Drew his sigil

  • Got my Universal Cirlce and place all white candles around the words as EA does

  • Got a 1 orange candle placed it facing South east.

  • I had only Frankincense (which he doesn’t mind but prefers sandalwood from what i heard) so i used it

  • I offered some Vodka (he likes hard liquor, however he likes rum and red wine. but i had none so i had to improvise).

  • Did a banishing

  • Summoned all magical powers (provided by EA)

  • Recited his enn for a little bit while gazing at the sigil

  • Meditated for a bit while gazing at his sigil and visualizing my desire (from how its starting to how it will end and how i will feel then and my appreciation to him)

  • Used the incantation to invoke him provided by V.K. Jehannum

  • Then when i felt his presence, I started talking to him in a commanding respectful way. I couldn’t hear him but I saw glimpses of him in the smoke. He is actually pretty visual and does answer questions. to me he was knocking on the table. Ex: i asked a quesiton he knocked then i said is that a yes, for a 2 minutes nothing happened and as soon i say is that a no then he knocks again right away.

I shared the above ^^ to say that he does puts an effort to send u visuals and answers ur quesitons. Not like many other spirits who might just leave or don’t give a fuck. I am glad i called upon him. Cause working with other spirits made me lose interest in magic and because of him i regained that interest and I now believe maybe the spirits i called upon were not the right ones for me or i was not for them.

Hope that helps and sorry for the long response.

*Be Blessed.


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Can someone change my title to:

“Bune is the real deal (my experience and a little praise to him)”

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Thank u so much and of course I wanted a long response :wink:

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Hail Bune :metal:

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Thank you for the help. Yeah i know but its strange that I as a regular could change others topics titles whenever but mine has a 1 hour limit :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, thank you

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What, lol!

I had no idea that after getting a regular it could removed. I wonder why? i always check the forum everyday, even though sometimes i don’t post but i stick to reading and liking threads!

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I will, thanks

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OH thats good that i did that when i got the regular. I actually made a separate thread i think.

Anyway, thank you for ur help darkes. As always very insightful and helpful

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Thanks for your testimony!

Wehlc melan avage Bune Tasa!


Ave Bune!

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