Bune helped employ me- I will work with her again

I get the feeling she would appreciate me making this post, so I’ll talk about it here.
A couple weeks ago, I posted talking about how it was my first evocation, how nervous I was, etc. I asked for help with getting a job- she helped me find two. One of them was a high paying job, but another one was a job that I had really wanted to get. I wasn’t getting a call back, but a couple days later I asked Bune if she could help me get the second job instead, and I got a call back the next day.

Anyways, I’m employed there now, and really enjoying it. I feel like I could ask for a lot more, and I want to ask Bune if she can become one of my protectors/ potentially enter into a pact. But I don’t want to be disrespectful, or power-hungry - I’m not sure spirits see things that way, though.

I just want to thank her and let others know that she will be very willing to help you, and is an amazing spirit.