Bune Goetia 26

Where do I start with Duchess Bune

Read a testimony here yesterday and decided to draw her sigil and do an impromptu ritual

I made my request

At first i said…maybe it will take 3 weeks…

No It will take 3 months

Boom it took less than 24 hours

Wehlc Melan Avage Bune Tasa


Thanks for your testimony!

Wehlc Melan Avage Bune Tasa!

What request u did?


To me more precise I wrote a petition asking for 3 items that required money…did not ask directly for money per say

But money came anyways

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Some Goetia Demons work fast. I hope to get some good results with Bune as well, along with others.I don;t know what method you use, but I just use Gordon Winterfield’s book (Gallery of Magick).

So far Gremori got me free rent within a few days and Phenix shut some loud and obnoxious neighbors up that were a constant pain for a year and a half. That happened in less than 2 hours and remained long-lasting. In fact about 2-3 weeks later they actually moved out.


Wow…so glad to hear of your successes so far. Bune is wonderful and generous

Regarding method I use…I just follow my intuition. I study the demon a bit…likes and dislikes, correspondences etc. When I first started I would cast a circle before I summon a demon but never trapped them in a triangle as recommended by some grimoires. I treat them with respect and the show me respect too

I always hand draw my sigils and activate the sigil using the air (incense) fire (candle) water (water or alcohol) earth (salt, graveyard dirt depends on demon/workings) Once sigil activated I apply a few drops of blood…

I always give offerings when making petitions and give public praise as thanks