Bune Found

  1. Boo-nay

wehl melan avage tasa
si’skwah si’skwah
tu ah neer
ba na ba

Snowflake/angel fish
Usually will appear yards away, purprosefully accidental. Causing full cans and tables to be thrown over. Best called in early morning hours, can appear only on favorable days, but you have to really look hard in Casinos, if you look for him on a favorable day, quickly.

Candles will spin and dance. Will also cause others to burn within seconds. Accepts one time only wax creations made in glass, pulled out after dried. Mixing colors starting with black, pink to make browns, orange and yellow used. Blue of course for the magick. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will work wonders in problems of writer’s block. Asks you to whisper in order to find his correct purnunciation.

to cause alarm to a bird, stillness

hold your hand over the birds view and start making a circle around it, back in for the and only infront of it. it will stay as long as you do this

call birds by night, they’ll come in the day , peeking from above

usually works well with gambles, sudden appearance of winners, near losses are due to lack of rush and hurry to win.

Ifused to implore/call angels, they’ll appear with woven hats and be opposites. Helps with problems due to divorce. OFten will put money on your things. If you find money on your wallet, drink, etc, quickly notice it loudly and then move it away to you (i.e. a tip) Show him your disregard of it. If found the day after a favorable day, he will show proof of winnings on bets as low as 42 cents.

Can show you the truth of evil, as represented through bad customer service. IDentification problems, people just not liking the “Good” so rarely ignored in olden days.

For the women, they can pass in beautiful and remain dancing in your eyes

Reveals the to let power go. Skip the free dollar to add luck to the true will.

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I know this comment is late, I just saw your post now.
It is interersting, but you immediately began giving instructions without any introductions at all, so I am rather confused as to what you are trying to give,/teach here.
It looks like you sought Bune’s help about winning at gambling and other matters? Can you advise more on each subject of work you emntion here?