Bune DoM Evocation Experience and Results

So today I evoked Bune via the method listed in DoM. I specifically asked for £2k in winnings from me going to the casino where I was planning on going directly after the evocation. I played a card game initially starting with £100 and ended up leaving the Casino with a profit of £495 which isn’t bad although it wasn’t as large as the amount I initially requested.

During the evocation, didn’t experience much but I did feel a presence. I won’t chalk up this win due to coincidence since things seemed to be going my way through most of the night.

An interesting experience in all. I will definitely contact Bune again and I believe the spirit did a good job had I decided to stick around for more than 2 hours I think I could have received the amount I requested.

I will be updating this thread as time goes on and I will most likely look into developing a greater partnership with this spirit. Thanks Bune


Take the wins that add up. You made like 400% of your buy in. Thats not easy to do. Realistic is 30%. Thats a good win. Trust me. Many times i try to get just 100 bucks more . i end up losing all and then some. So take the win and go home. do it again another day. You’ll realize that many demons will not give you one shot what you ask for. It will be in many sessions adding up to your request amount.

Did you ponder? maybe u did win 2000 total winnings. subtract the lost and u end up 495. U said winnings in your request. You never said bring home 2k. =o)


Nah I specified take back home as well.
495 is the total profit at the end of the night

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its a great win mate ,Duke Bune did a great job hang in there you will get more ,maybe the Great Duke has something planned for you ,bigger thank 2k ,happened to me many times i ended up getting more than i asked for :slight_smile:

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