Bune at work teasing?

went to the casino and did some affirmation and request of bune to give me some luck and win some modest money. Something unexpected happened. I happened to cut a blackjack for dealer. And it hits the royal flush diamonds for the jackpot of 190000 bucks. Guess what though? I told everyone on table that i will cut a blackjack. didn’t expect it to hit that top bonus bet . The bonus bet is called Super 4. the deal has to have black jack and your 2 cards combined to have royal flush diamonds. This is from a single deck. With full table, the cards have to be perfect. I cut the cards and didn’t like it , so i redid it. Too back it didn’t land on my seat number 4. It landed on seat #2. A mexican lady that we are try to convince to bet. dealer said it twice to bet. She had this habit of betting on 2nd hand. I say why? all the A’s gone in 2nd hand. THe first hand has 4 aces chance. She is kinda stupid too. she was playing it always at other table and complaining that others don’t bet. now it happens to her. Is BUNE teasing me? he gave it to another person on my cut card . Hitting that jackpot is like hitting lottery. Hopefully next time , something big comes to me instead of my gambling neighbor. Somehow it goes to the one not betting even though we all encourage her to bet before hand many times. It was only 5 bucks bet. This is what happens when someone is so stubborn and closed minded. AFter that . she bets every hand and wants me to cut the card. And she says it don’t hurt. WE all know it hurts as we all told her so to bet before hand and she don’t listen.

It would of been so sweet if i had that hit. Or even the other players who bet. We all got mad at her for not listening. I even told them too, i’m lucky guy and cut aces for dealer often .