BUNE and herbs

So I want to work with bune and I want to know what sort of herbs she likes if she likes any, I can’t seem to find any resources that teach what popular herbs are usually offered to bune because I want to make an oil to annoint the sigil with along with my blood…any herbs you guys know of off the top of your head?

Such as basil mixed with olive oil for money perhaps🤔 since I want to do a wealth ritual with her

Wow see how fast intuition can hit you! Maybe that’s her making suggestions

Interesting upon writing that I heard “if you don’t own any olive oil any oil will do….” In like a women’s voice

Thanks guys


Just a word of caution, give some serious thought before you offer blood to a spirit. Not every spirit wants this and some actually don’t want it. Also when you give blood to a spirit it’s best that you already know the spirit and have worked with them before because it will greatly strengthen the connection between the two of you.

I’m not saying your wrong or that your idea is bad, I’m just saying be mindful about it. I’ve personally made mistakes with offering blood before and based on that I’m much more careful with how and when I do that now.


So perhaps just a custom oil anointing her sigil then🤔

I’m sure she’d appreciate the fact I took the thought and time to make an oil associated with the purpose of our ritual

But my intuition is bugging me that I need to anoint it with something lol

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If it’s your first time working with her that’s how I’d do it. Once you’re familiar with her and you have a relationship then you can consider it if you sense the spirit is interested in that. That’s my opinion, not everyone may agree with that however.

Yes custom making an oil is perfect. The spirit will know you made a real effort.

Idk my intuition says to anoint it with something, like I said she may appreciate just the fact I made an oil associated with the ritual…

But yeah I suppose giving blood away is like giving your address away

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I try not to do it on the first date :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Your oil idea is very good though.

I suppose If I gave her my blood first she would probably be like

“Hmm? Already?”

Either that or “ewww how dare you”

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I’m sure it happens to her frequently being that she’s miss money penny. Without knowing her though I don’t advise offering that. Once you’re better aquainted it’s not a big deal though.

I personally use blood in ritual work fairly often.

Yea I learned that from behemoth x, EA and connor, I’d watch them out there blood a lot and it automatically made me think “universal currency perhaps? After all it is your pure essence and life force🤔”

Behemoth x goes all out with his damn blade though lol I use lancets XD


Blood, water and fire are three gateways to the spirit world. It contains your vital essence which is why spirits like it being offered. The spirit can use that energy to manifest more strongly in this world.

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I see…I watch behemoth x offer blood with his dagger and I’m just like “I think I’ll stick to lancets” lol the scars he probably has on his palms…

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Yeah I use the auto injector and the little lancets.

It requires very little blood to be very substantial.

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What on earth, I heard in a lady’s voice “you have olive oil….yes you do…” I doubted that and I opened the cabinet and it was the very first thing I saw and the basil was right there as well, crazy

Extra virgin olive oil to be exact :wink:


If you want to find herbal correspondences for demons, your best resource would probably be the work of the demonolator S. Connolly. She has books on the subject.


Ohhhhh DUR I have her books why have I not thought about that :woman_facepalming: :sweat_smile:

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Question so the sigil of bune is a bit complicated compared to other sigils I drew in the past, if I were to print it out, and then trace over it with a marker transferring my energy into it then would that work just as well you think?


Yes absolutely

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Ok fantastic thank you, there is always this sense of excitement I noticed whilst preparing for a ritual

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If you have plans to work longer with Bune, you can also make a wishful book and ask for anything.
As author S.Connolly suggests, just swapping one demon for another.
i.e: Bune instead of Agares