Bumper-sticker Bon Mot by Bella

Bumper-sticker Bon Mot by Bella

A magician doesn’t justify her/his world-view;
She/he manifests it.

quite excellant- but wondering abut the “she/he” kinda looks and osunds messy. How about
" Magicians don’t justify their world; they manifest it’

though I kinda dislike “magician”, as it conjurs up show tent prestidigitators

Why not "Sorcerers do not justify their world
They manifest it "

sorry, just thinking

[quote=“Bella, post:1, topic:5091”]Bumper-sticker Bon Mot by Bella

A magician doesn’t justify her/his world-view;
She/he manifests it.[/quote]

Hey Frater Dark Matter, Thanks for your response. You win the prize for best bumper-sticker! :wink:

Seriously, you raised some important points in your post, which illuminate part of the purpose of this mini-experiment.

The inspiration for this thread was a set of evocations of Paimon for a particular body of work. When I re-read my ritual notes some time later, I found some off-topic “hidden easter eggs” which I didn’t remember having heard or written during the rituals.

For what it’s worth, here are a couple of the topics. If nothing else, writing this has helped clarify my understanding of what was received. It anyone else finds it useful - great!

The essence of Paimon’s response is:
Words have power. Utilise that power.
Then it went on to talk about how.

One aspect of this is illustrated perfectly by Frater Dark Matter’s post. That is, the awareness of different ways in which a word can be perceived by the target, (be it the general public, a specialised group, or an individual).

When words have possible associations (connotative meanings) that are ambiguous or incongruent with the intended purpose, they detract power. Judiciously altering a word or two in an evocation “mission statement” could have a significant impact on the outcome.

Words, (especially a target-specific choice of words) can be used to influence (eg: by hidden subliminal implications and associations). Or they can be used to confuse (eg: by ambiguity). Some who read “Sorcerers don’t justify their world-view, they manifest it” may imagine a group of sorcerers manifesting a single collective world-view, as opposed to one unique and specific to an individual sorcerer, working alone.

Listen to your target’s choice of words (eg: the choice of the word “sorcerer” over other possibilities such as “black magician”, “chaos magician”, “adept”. “living god”, etc). Sometimes, this can yield information about the target and his mindset, which can then be strategically used to your advantage. There are other non-verbal cues too, but here we’re focusing on words.

Another of the “easter egg” techniques is “the lure”. It’s that fat, juicy worm, wrapped around a hook, dangled deliciously before a fish. It’s a picture-frame hanging crookedly on the wall, defiantly daring your guest to level it, or that one little loose thread on your clothes that a total stranger feels compelled to unravel.

It’s that clunky, inelegant, repugnantly politically-correct-to-some usage of “her/his” and “she/he”! I know people who passionately despise that term. That’s why I used it.

Passion = life force = energy => power, and it’s all being directed into that annoyingly not-quite-comfortable, I-could-express-it-better bumper-sticker bon mot.

If it had read smoothly and unremarkably, most who browsed it would immediately forget it. Instead, at least one person was brave enough to think “I can do better than that” and he did. He turned it over in his mind and focused his attention on it. And so, the seed is planted, and fertilised. And your prizes for writing such a well thought-out response Frater Dark Matter, are the wonderful fruits of that seed.

Summary of Practical Uses:

  • Before the evocation, when writing the “mission statement” and questions, do so with the awareness of the power of your words. Check that the “feel” of them, (the denotations, connotations and inferences of the wording) are congruent with your intentions. If not, change them so that they are.

Also be aware that any incongruent or “uncomfortable” words and phrases may be signposts to unresolved hidden issues about the work that you need to resolve before you start.

  • It’s valuable to not only keep written records of answers and guidance received during evocation, but re-read them over a period of time. Sometimes unusual or ambiguous words and phrases can contain important information if you look deeper than the surface for meaning.

  • “Words have power.” “Your word is law.” Harness the hidden power of words both in magickal operations and in every moment of your life, as an additional tool to manifest your will.

Oh, and speaking of words, kindly overlook all of my typos! :wink:

Also, words, “internal language” if that makes sense, relate directly to -how- we perceive what is around us and how we interact with the world. So, influencing others with your words is the very easy matter, but if you consider it, -great- changes can be made from the inside by cultivating your languages/concepts toward encompassing the experience of your worldview.

I hope that made just a little bit of sense - obviously I’m much better at shaping my own world through language than I am at communicating this to others!