Building my temple today and something bizzare happened

So I emptied my stone shed, I decided I’d use it as a ritual space I already have a black glass altar and i’ve hand painted a ritual circle on the ground with the inverted pentagram inside it.

I laid the triangle of manifestation outside the circle and have a scrying mirror set up on the wall.

Just planning what else to do now :thinking:.

Ps. My circle is a bleeding inverted pentagram in darkness, then after it was complete the sky looked like it started bleeding.

All the pictures uploaded sideways.


Hi sounds cool. Do you have any pictures?

Maybe you could include some orgonite?

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Some options I remember at the moment are to dispose normal or (maybe better) black mirrors at the walls, to give an impression of infinity. If/when possible, below the circle, a chessboard carpet or one with a green region for the earth, cyan for water, red for the fire, etc. Corresponding to those regions there could be bowls with diethyl ether for air, ash for fire, salt for earth… Also, attach to the walls (spots left free at half height and half width) horizontal and vertical plastic semicircles.


The spirits are with you my friend :smile:


My thoughts? The Anti-Christ visited you. I just started watching this T.V. show on Netflix called “Little Evil.” Its about a boy that is thought to be the Anti-Christ and in the first episode he makes the sky rain blood. Its fictional I know, but it just reminds me of that. I see no bleeding sky in your pictures… just a beautiful sky.


When I say bleeding I mean it’s metaphorical, since it’s extremely rare to see something like this in the valleys.

The bleeding part I mean that red is symbolic of blood and there for that symbolism is in the sky.

Coining the term bleeding sky, plus it was a lot redder than it appeared on pictures, people all over my neighbourhood were looking in awe.

Just to clear it up :slightly_smiling_face:.

Ok good to clear that up. Hard to know on occult forums nowadays. It was kind of a synchronicity hearing people speak of a bleeding sky and the TV show I watched. I miss going out on the boat, as I used to see bleeding skies all the time with Sunrises and Sunsets,

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Haha yeah that is true, I’d love to see that.

I see that more than 1 time in month in Poland when i wake up or when is close to night most time when Summer starts