Building an Empire

As a black magician, what would be the key elements you would need to succeed?

Please no political replies, this is strictly from the black magician and magickal stand point.

So far I have:
The right symbolisim
Access points

What would make your empire successful?

Inquiring minds wanna know.


What do you mean “Building your Empire”?.

This can have many simbolisms.

I’ll asume that you are talking about a financial empire, so I’ll answer to that:

The right idea
The right idea with PASSION to achieve that idea
Read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, the only book that you would need to read in your life
Wealth Magick by Damon Brand


Spies are always number 1.


Someone has built a civilization that stood the test of time, right?

Anyway, I really don’t get what OP is asking. What kind of empire? Something only related to magick? A business that grows to be a multinational?

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Spies are the best and first weapon in the Art of War.


Oh… I thought you were making a Civ reference!


Finance would be an important part of it. Would definitely fall under resources. But I’m thinking big like the Roman Empire etc.

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An Empire that takes over

Activate your merkaba and spiritual development to the point where you can cause tsunamis and earthquakes. Then keep the world hostage. Probably would have to immortalize your physical body as well because it could take thousands of years of intense practice

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If you want as much power as a Roman Emperor, this is possible. There are those in the heights of the political systems that shape societies and declare wars. The same goes for those with great prowess in business.

All the magick in the world will not matter, however, if you do not know how the actual world works. If you want to attain political power, then you must learn about politics. If you want to create a business empire, then you must understand how business works. Being a successful entrepreneur requires as much craft as any art or science (including magick), and so you must hone your craft through study and practice.

The difference for you, one who wields magickal power, is that all of these factors for success can be yours much more quickly, and with much less effort, than for any ordinary person. Magick will bring you knowledge, it will bring you the opportunities you need to hone your craft, and it will bring you great fortune. None of this matters if you spend all of your time fantasizing about some nonsensical situation in which all the world bows at your feet while you remain stagnant and unmoving.

Read a few non-magickal books about business, or politics, or whatever it is that you want to do with your life. Gain an understanding of the world, and then use this understanding to make this reality serve you.

I see too many dark magicians claiming to be rebellious, independent beings who shun all masters, who in reality are slaving away at some 9-5 job (or jobs, even), having the fruits of their labor taken from them by their bosses in exchange for a meagre pittance of a wage. Those with courage reject such a situation, and create their own means of financial sustenance. It is those whom I respect more than any other.


Not really. If you have all the “magic in the world” you would be basically omnipotent. If you could control all the energy or magick in the world at once, you could create entire planets in the physical plane.


if you’ll permit me…:thinking::laughing::laughing:

What does this symbol represent?
Why is it the oldest in recorded history?
Why has it shown up everywhere on this planet? (In every system, spiritual and temporal?)
Why does it endure even today?
Why no matter the god or devil summoned it’s always present in the background somewhere?
Why do so many claim to possess it already? Or are scrambling to?
And why do so many end up being consumed by it and perish beneath it’s gaze?

Please do meditate on it for a bit and tell me what you discover, as you say Inquiring minds wanna know.


@charles9 I :heart: U :kissing_heart:


It’s all ideas.
Have a ‘state’(ment) to make.

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The three pieces standing outside the chessboard.


These days, politics is not the way to go. Nuclear weaponry and Globalism have made war obsolete, only exception is civil war. There hasn’t been a way between two different countries for years. Nations only increase tension with each other to try and cripple each others economies, while both are untouchable thanks to nuclear weaponry, there is no more point to war, no one wins.

The real way to go is running a megacorporation, they have enough power to influence governments quite heavily, they have even more power these days than the empires of old. They even prevent lesser countries from going to war or having tension due to the economical implications would bring.

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This can’t get too political or it would break the rules

Yeah was keeping that in mind. Just stating a general economic structure.