Builder of the Adytum BOTA and consciousness

I got to hear part of an old lecture/recording by Ann Davies and in that lecture she mentioned that the first 6 lessons they gave in the BOTA correspondence course were on consciousness and how it creates things.

Anyone know where I can get my hands on something on this topic. I am wondering if I am missing some basics and it is hindering progress.

They have a website and contact information, but I don’t know what being a member implies. They do mention obligations and I don’t want a commitment at this point. But I do want to get my hands on information on this topic. Any other sources I might try?

Thank you

I’m not sure how they do things these days, but about 15 years ago they did a course where they would send you lessons every month in the mail. I ended up stopping it because a lot of months the lessons never showed up. I imagine things are different now but after the bad experience with them I’ve had no desire to do it again. With that said, since the forum has a rule about PDFs and whatnot I can’t post anything, but it’s really not hard to find their material if you look around where people share PDFs.


I did find something on their approach to Tarot, but nothing on consciousness. It was in an internet archive site, for printed material out of copyright or something.

Thank you for your help