Build your kingdom

Build your kingdom.

I came to major realization this morning and hopefully I can remember it all here.

Build your Kingdom every breath you take and every move you make extends your reach. build your kingdom on this earth the way you see fit, be it malevolent or kind I dont care just dont interfere with mine.

Build it how you see fit every little thought every snide comment builds it or makes it fall do just as Soloman did but do it your way create the life that you want.

I know I repeated myself a bit but be you, be the you you want to be. Remember WWKD (What would a King do?)


You just reconfirmed my own channeling session with King Paimon. “BE YOU.” Perfectly stated! Thank you for sharing. I needed this :heart:


It was more him that told me it I thought about him then it popped into my head so cheers :beers:


Funny. I’ve told three people the last two days that I may be complicated, but I’m really good at being me.

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