So I did an evocation of Belial last night. In retrospect, I should have gone with something Celtic given the St. Patrick holiday, but I digress…

Afterward, I went out to go to the store. There were beetles raining from…nowhere. They were all laying on their backs, dozens and dozens of them covering the entryway. There were several that were trying to get into my place. They were not doing this to the neighbors’ doors.

I could chalk this up to freaky Texan bug behavior. But it seemed a little too coincidental. So I decided to check if there was any sort of connection between Belial and beetles. There is a weird one, considering I was working with Egyptian energies the other night…

Behold, the Onitis Belial, otherwise known as the dung beetle.

The beetles outside my place weren’t dung beetles but it’s still funny. And I have heard that Belial has a sense of humor.


I had a similar experience with Gremory. Immediately after evoking there were spiders all over my house. I encountered about 8 of them over the course of a half hour. I’m still not sure if there was a correlation there or if the smoke from resin brought them out. I haven’t found any connection between Gremory and spiders anywhere so who knows.


When I was invoking Lilith there were a ton of spiders near the front door of the house I was living in at the time.


Insects are atuned to spirit energies and will congregate at certain locations when energies are amassed to include ritual magic.