Bugabodi! Debi De Nice's Progress Journal

Name Pronunciation: B - uh - Gah - B - oh - Dee

This Journal will be the tracking of my own working progress for interested persons to see.

I’m going to start off with an Exercise from my newest book, Draugadrottin.
This exercise is the Magnetic Gaze.
I have performed the exercise several times, and I have noticed that my eyes will start to perceive a fogginess the longer I stare. This happens around 30- 45 seconds in. That was at 4:30 AM, and I was not well rested. I will be performing the exercise again now that I am well rested. Will report back.

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Checking back in.

I have been doing the exercise after a full rest.
Thw book advises that you start with one minute several times per day.

I chose to start with 5 minutes per day. My eyes are open more than fivw minutes when i am staring at tue tv. How hard could it be?


My eyes were watering heavily. What i found out was that the fogginess i was experiencing was the precursor to the eye watering.

Out of the 5 minute intervals i could do at most 3 minutes 12 seconds.
That amount of time decreased to 2 minutes 10 seconds after i took a period of 1 minute’s rest.

Currently i am feeling tension around my eyes.

I will update this post after i rest for twenty minutes and then perform the task.

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I finally got back to doing the eye exercise. I managed to a few moments ago gaze for just over five minutes.

One issue i ran into was that my eyea were going in and out of focus. At times they were jerking to one side or the other.

I suspect that this is why one minute increments are advised. 60 seconds seems like the amount 9f time before the eye starts to get restless and wander from focus.

I will be exercising these one minute increments throughout the night. And I will see what i can do tomorrow evening.

Checking back. Again.

I have been qorking on the magnetic gaze. I am currently finished working on the straightforward gaze and the oblique gazes.

The 1 minute increments seem to be a good path. But just to challenge myself i did use the oblique gazes for around five minutes each. It was quite painful. But painful the way any physical exercise is.

This is somialr to the blue ray meditation in Ipsissimus by E.A. Koetting.

This is the end of chapter one, which i call…Peekaboo.

Chapter 2, The Petitioner

I have recently seen darkest nights thread about petition magic. So I decided to petition my petition my favorite wealth spirit, Jupiter. Also known as jovis.

I asked for a sum of $5000 to come into my hands before the end of the month.However, that did not occur. What did occur however was that I discovered a very interesting business venture that’s could net me a very highAmount of profit with very minimal amounts of work.

After some research, I found that that is a possible result from a money magic working.However, I am still on the fence as to whether or not jovis jovis had a lot to do with that or if that was me seeking out to the universe.

It has just turned to be the hour of the sun… In hermeticism the sun is the sun is symbolic of yourself at yourself as king.

That may be a sign fine as an answer to my curiosity as to whether or not not yovis had anything to do with this or IHad everything to do with it.

We shall see.