Brugmansia, Angels Trumpet use

This plant caught my attention, I know its a witchs favourite but id like to use it for Shamanism , to bring on vision’s, it would seem all my visions in life have been on point, has anyone here used it properly to induce visions, ?

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I haven’t used Brugmansia but I have experimented with Datura Stramonium, which has similar anticholinergic tropane alkaloids. Very dark, witchy and diabolical: seductive, too. The line between vision and poison is thin, so start with a very low dosage and work your way up (even then the alkaloid content varies from plant to plant and even from part to part). Maybe even start by sleeping in the same room as the plant, as the fragrance is known to cause visionary nightmares.


Nightmares dont bother me, they are message’s!