Brown paper or regular paper?

Is it not effective to write petitions or spells on regular paper? Or like if I wanna slip it into a jar?? A lot of people say brown paper is best but for tonight I just have white paper and lined notebook paper

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Any kind of paper will work for a petition. Whatever you have on hand is fine.

Most usage of brown paper comes in Hoodoo work, where they use it to represent skin color (and often use white paper to represent those of pastier complextions). Intent is what matters in magick, so any kind of paper would work fine.

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Depends on what you believe. Seeing that you place such emphasis on this sort of thing, keep looking until you find something that truly feels convincing to you.

An occultist wrote “You may as well draw magickal signs on wastepaper”. I believe, though, that brown paper would’ve a psychological effect (not to mention parchment which possess a traditional value, and signifies respect if used - Edit: Of course it’s not like respect isn’t there otherwise :slight_smile: )