Brother ADA talisman creation/charging?

I have Brother Adas “Ritual Magick for Conservative Christians”.

In it he has a section on talismans. It has everything written out that I need to do but I still have a few questions.
For instance, it gives spells for the 4 commonly requested (love, money, than he does not specify, he simply alludes to scripture)

Anyway, can I put more than one spell on one talisman. So could I get something for my key-chain or something to put in my wallet (I carry those everywhere I go if I am not in my house) and put more than one spell on it?

So I would have money, love, protection, health spells on one object.

What if there were not a physical item? What if I sigilized it, and charged the sigil and internalized it?

Would an internalized sigil maintain power for as long as a physical one? Can the sigil or talisman be recharged? (initially it is charged by a prayer, so I guess I would say it again)

(would this sort of sigil be a good one to create and not destroy so I could put it up in my house)
would putting it up somewhere in my house prominent, the sigil always being in site would eventually cause me to start ignoring it and then it would be a subconscious reminder. (I may be mixing up sigil theories here, I have read a ton of stuff on sigils lately)

No, a talisman is charged with one spell, and one spell only. If you try to add more than one you just end up muddying everything.

The whole thing about a talisman is that it is a physical object. That is practically its definition.

Yes, talismans can be recharged.

What about internalizing it instead of carrying it? Would that work?

If not,

How big does a talisman need to be, could it be like a credit card - with a symbol on it that I carry in my wallet.
Or is a talisman more about reminding you of something, like seeing a charged rind or pendant.
(as an example: we don’t notice the necklace we wear, until it is gone - that kind of thing - does it remind in that way)
If I create a talisman to take around with me, can I use the same talisman in my house. Like maybe I hang an engraving on the wall and charge it.

No, you cannot “internalize” a talisman. That is not how a talisman is used.

A talisman can really be anything.

A “lucky” rabbit’s foot is an example of a talisman that pretty much everyone is familiar with.

A Saint Michael medallion is another, a talisman of protection.

It can be any size, though 5 X 5 is standard, about the same size as a spirit seal should be for ease of opening.

The general terminology is that a talisman is any object that is charged to draw something to you, and an amulet is an object that keeps something away from you. So, in my example above, a Saint Michael medallion is a talisman for general protection, but a necklace charged to “keep away baneful magick” would be an amulet.

Yes, you can use the same talisman in your house, but it all depends on the specific purpose of the talisman though. A talisman to protect yourself wouldn’t really do much good if it wasn’t on your person, for example.

OK, thanks for the clarification.

I read a lot of different sources. I get things jumbled up sometimes…

Hiya OP! You can put multiple spells in one talisman, but the more divergent information you pump the manifest form with the more unstable the magic becomes. If you want to load up one object with a bunch of spells, you have to create a holding pattern that is attached to the talisman first, that can keep the functions organized without being antagonistic to each other. Think of it like making a holding corporation and subsidiaries, the base pattern filters out interactions that don’t fall in line with the overall goal of manifesting what you want! You can recharge them with offerings too for the most potent effects.

Also, you can definitely internalize talismans, you just need to physically eat the object- so you’d be attaching many spells to food, and that can augment the taste and physical properties somewhat, so don’t be surprised! That’s a bit harder to recharge though, if you make a sigil for the completed talisman before eating it you can recharge it via offerings and visualizations, too. :slight_smile:

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LOL I think your response is just going to confuse him even more. What you describe is quite a bit above his current understanding.

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That’s fair! Let me try to break it down:

  1. To put multiple spells on the same object, you need to address the object magically first. This means you need to hold it in astral/ritual space as it’s own thing, without thinking of the other spells you want to add to it. A very easy way to create a holding pattern is to envision as strongly as possible a number (equal to the amount of spells you want to put on it) of separate goblets or cups arising from the object, as if made from the thing itself. Do this until your mind’s eye naturally regards the talisman as having these structures arising from within it- what that means is, envision this until when you look at the object, your mind fills in the details of it being configured in such a way without your input, which sometimes happens as you seeing the impression of the structures arising from it.

  2. When the object is ready, cast the spells you were intending to, but when you’re ready to send off the spell, imagine pushing all that magical force into one of the goblets, and keep imagining until the goblet is full. To seal the spell in the holding pattern, push the goblet down into the object in your mind’s eye until you recognize it as affixed/locked in, sometimes it appears in the imagination as a circle of color on the object. Hold this visualization until you can see/feel it without needing to envision the process again.

  3. Repeat with the other spells, holding each completed segment in your mind as you lock them in till you feel it’s ready.

  4. When it’s finalized, imagine another layer of transparent, shiny energy covering the whole object, and hold this till you feel it’s ready to go and don’t need to imagine any more for your mind’s eye to register it for what it is.

Does that make sense, OP? :slight_smile:


It does make sense, but it makes sense like a math problem being explained in school. When the teacher runs you through the problem it makes sense, but when you are on your own, you fall on your face.

I think first I will charge one talisman at a time, than I will work on what you talked about. Baby steps. What is great about your explanation is this, You made the solution available to me so as soon as I gain the skills to use it I can.

Thank you.