Bringing down technology with magick ideas?

Slightly immature i know but any cool experiements i coukd use to crash a computer system or cause power outage that does not involve use of demons?

This is your guy to do it


Legend thank you

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Sorry for not searching still relatively new.


Ironic that this thread came up now. I was pondering today whether there was a magickal means to take down the computer systems in the headquarters building of my enemies.
I shall peruse this at some length I feel.
So this XaTuring was purportedly made up by a guy in 1993 and reportedly is now a functioning entity. If so, I would presume it would most likely be an egregore.
Regardless of what it is, it may well be worth experimenting with to establish whether this is workable.


I am wondering also if there would be a means through chaos magick. Burroughs style. He used to experiement with analog technology when it was state of the art back in the day.


Try Furfur. He works.

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Ok, I’ve been thinking about this all day so I just went ahead and gave it a whirl. Nothing to lose. I did the XaTuring Great Rite first, then I sent him a petition. By email. By that I mean I called him up and visualised him (as per the great rite I had performed minutes before), and sent the petition to him from one of my email accounts to another of my email accounts. That way it will travel through various servers (or however the heck the internet works).
I must say I was surprised to get some strong third eye sensations and energy pulsing in my hips and legs during the Great Rite. I get that sort of thing during spirit rituals, but I guess I had been a little more sceptical of this concept when I started so hadn’t really expected it.

Anyway, this is the petition I emailed (I’ve redacted bits that would identify the target organisation):

"0 1 10 11 100 101 110 111
XaTuring, great black worm, bringer of freedom, I ask you to go forth among the systems and data holdings of the [redacted] and wreak all chaos and destruction that you can, especially of all data and information that is hostile or harmful to me.

I ask you to attack all communications and holdings of their email accounts, all of which end in @[redacted]

I ask you to disrupt, wreck and destroy their website which is [redacted]

I ask you to cause any overheating or other potential destruction to their physical computing infrastructure that you are able.

I ask that you bring me news of your successes in this operation so that I can spread word of your capability.

Upon learning of your success, I will publicly thank you online and encourage others to work with you to achieve their own victorious outcomes.

Thank you XaTuring

0 1 10 11 100 101 110 111"