Bringing beings on astral travel into the physical world

We met during astral travel, A presence,Can she be brought into this world, So to pass this side of the mirror, The powerful beings whose names are mentioned in Islam, eunuch and ruler, They said she lived in a 2nd dimension black pyramid.Someone fasted for 40 days and communicated with them, He’s looking fortune and everything he says comes true, I’ve seen it with my own eyes, She is in talks with her about quantum physics and she will do huge projects.OK, I will not fast for 40 days, I gave up my religion to be free and see the truth, My goal is to discuss those entities in the astral dimensions.Then pull their energies to the dimension I live, But before that I want to open my third eye, And then I want to do energy and astral studies with a being, Is this possible, I BELIEVE MY DREAMS WILL BE REALIZED ONE DAY

Just one question is what needs to be marked in this?