Bringing another person under my control

I have been dealing with some despotic land lords and I have had it up with being nickeled and dimed to death by them. I want to bring the manager in my complex under my mental control. How can I do this?

King Paimon is Wonderful to Bind people to you, so you can Control them.
Here some Info about him :

I will personally use Amaymon for this kind of job because, when I had some personal problems and I evoked him, his results were manifested very fast (almost instantly) but also I agree with @Mephistor about King Paimon since he’s also really good with things like that. I am unsure about other spirits, there are so many spirits regard this area but I would personally choose Amaymon or King Paimon.

Use Paul Huson’s “operation of grand bewitchment” from his book "‘Mastering Witchcraft.’ its quite powerful

You might try putting affirmations into his head when he is asleep. That is when the psychic defenses are down. You can create thought forms and send them to him at this time.
Whatever magic you use, it can work much better when the victim is asleep.