Bring positivity to the world

Magic and working with demons have always been labeled as evil, yet I see mostly positive outcomes. What impact do demons want you to have on society? Can I have a positive impact on people who think differently from me? I learned that the concept of “evil” as I knew growing up is different from what it actually is. Do demons like it when people on the left hand path strive for greatness in not just them but for everyone around them and the world as a whole?

I’m also into Buddhism, not as a religion but as a philosophy. So combining these two practices can be contradictory at times, just wanting to learn how to make this work out.


There’s not an homogenous group who are all the same, some truly fdo love to fuck people up, others are very loving powerful, wise, acient gods and goddesses, others are nature (elemental) spirits, some are ascended humans and some are created by thought alone.

So, they have divers agendas and preferences, “life” histories and so on.


I ceased all work with demons (no results) so maybe this isn’t mine to answer. But I do enjoy some good ol’ fashioned Voodoo and Norse work and I happen to love Buddhism. Alan Watts is basically the soundtrack to my life at this point. Anyways, I concur with @Lady_Eva. Demons don’t all fit into one box or category. No spirit does. Just like people they tend to have likes and dislikes and individual morals and interpretations of things.