Brilliant offering that really compliments the spirit of a lot of Jupiter work

A friend of mine started some direct Jupiter work recently, and having never worked with him, asked my opinion on what a good offering would be. I gave my pitch about Jupiter and the concept of Grace, then suggested he do what I have always done: draw Jupiter’s Cross on a few bills (currency, not debt, lol) and pass them out randomly and without discrimination to the first people I interact with when I go about my day. It has never done me wrong.

He ended up getting ahold of me and told me what he did, and I thought it was brilliant. He took the cash with the symbols drawn on them, and loaded them into one of those scratch ticket vending machines. Then he walked away.

How perfect for an offering to Jupiter in a working to receive his Grace! No discrimination, totally random, and there is no face on either side of the exchange to associate with the act or reception to subconsciously generate ill will in the future.

Some random person gets to walk by or use the machine and say “Oh damn! It must be my lucky day!”. That is the most perfect offering in the spirit of Jupiter’s Grace that I have ever heard, both in execution and philosophy.

I have no doubt his working is already a great success.