Brief glimpse of omnipotence - My journal

Hello there.

I used this as a lurking account before.Then completely forgot about this place but it seems we crossed paths again.

So decided to bang some ideas and questions,and sometimes I will post whatever I will find helpful.

The type of magick that I am interested is Multidimensional magick.But I can say all of them are connected and they are all amazing.

So here we go :slightly_smiling_face:


Why is your ordinary banishing isnt enough ?

When do you invoke/evoke,but I can say its more powerful in invoking because you litterally call the entity inside your body,spirit must take its energy from your emotions/energy/exhaustion you put in.

And I personally thnik some of them do it via connection with a cord.Also they might do it because they may want to be answer you faster,but its a dangerous gambit,so…

If you really dont want this entity around,do your normal banishing first,then you will need to find the cord.

There are many ways to do it.

Look through your third eye or if you are a clairsentient,feel it etc…

Now cut the cord,if you dont have an athame,you can do it like…


This. I know it kinda looks like a gun but hey,intimidate the ones who intimidate the others lol.

We are not done yet.The cord you removed now took a part of energy with you through its cord,think about removing a tree.

Then you need to load that energy again.I am sure you can find these type of meditations/rituals anywhere.

Feel free to add if you see somewhere of this is wrong or not enough so we can do it more potent :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep,same guy here.

Although every second we change and never the same person anymore but yeah,I am Littleshart :smile:

I think I wasnt been around for 20 days and never said a goodbye to anyone,I am happy people I love here greeted me back like its no big deal,one of them was like ’ MY FUCKING BROTHER,IS THAT YOU ?:sweat_smile: Much love to anyone who supports me.

Now,I left without a word because I felt like I should only say goodbye when it means litterally not coming back,yea I could have said I will come back but you see bird didn’t live outside the cage :smile:

So what did I do in those 20 days.

Trapped in my void,thinking and thinking,slowly getting more and more insane.

But like a wise person said,as above,so below.

I am better then ever in magick.I have couple of feats now :smiley: Lets take a look.

Worked with Belial to drop all charges against me.
Made money without doing single physical work,this is the richest I have ever been I might add.Money pops out to me like river,non stop :smiley:
My face and body structre changed,friends ask me how is that even possible. :rofl: If only they knew.
This is the first time in my life I never felt weirdness in outside world.
Maybe not so much for you,but its a pretty good job for me :smiley:

What is next ?

I need to master astral projection and trance work ASAP.
I am doing serious experiments on love magick these days,I will post it when it will be complete.
I think draconian magick is going to be my path thanks to @anon48532061 :slightly_smiling_face:
Resetting my work with Initiation Into Hermetics over and over again :grinning: If you read that book,you already know why.

So yea,basically this,now lets keep going,shall we ?


Congrats mayne :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


Thanks :smiley:

And no people,I didnt sell my soul to Lucifer for this :smiley:


To have her have sex with me.


Making god damn it !!! MAKING HER HAVE SEX WITH ME !!!


@PrinceX I found a gem in your blog man,thanks.I will try and update you :wink:

For you lazy fucks :smiley:


You’re most welcome brother, glad you find it helpful :muscle:
I will be posting the 3rd part shortly & I’ll send it to you, hope you like it :grimacing:


YES !!! Thank you so much for this work :slightly_smiling_face:



What is up with this ever increasing multidimensional magick threads?
Stop bandwagoning infernal Rambo,we know thats all stories.
Stay humble.


As above, so below like they said.

@PrinceX Thanks man,so much relief. Some of the things I have never remembered before popped up all of a sudden.Ah, beautiful times it is.

Banishings are much more powerful when you can arrange elements properly and commanding is very important, figures.

Wasnt this the most refreshing LBRP and Middle pillar of all time? It certainly was.


Thank you so much that’s really wonderful :blush:
Glad you had amazing results :+1:


From what I understand so far,Lucifer and Satan isnt same being at all.

Most probably Lucifers dark aspect is Lucifuge Rofocale.


That sigil is sexy as fuck.



Well, Lucifer is the Morning star and in Latin, Lucifuge Rofocale means to seek refuge from the light. Pretty sure you’re right. Course-won’t know unless you go to them furst


Thanks @Mani I didnt know meaning of Lucifuge before.Also Lucifers darker side might be Ahriman too, like you said though,they are just theories.


How can some one get money from doing nothing? I have read that an opend crown chakra can boost reciving good things as gifts or help or even money. Did you get help from a spirit to attract money? :smiley:

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