Brief discussion with Belial

Last night we had moved basically all of our kitchen appliances and dishes to our new apartment, and decided to celebrate a bit by sharing a glass of wine with Belial, as I could finally offer him a drink in a proper wine glass rather than a plastic cup. He seemed more than excited to partake with me and we had a brief chat where I had an opportunity to ask a few questions.

While I didn’t get anything too profound or descriptive, I was able to extract an interesting bit of information from His Majesty. Below is a paraphrased summary.

I; “So, Belial, where did your work on Earth begin, regarding recorded or “recent” history?”

Belial; “Somewhere around the 6th century.”
He showed me a brief flash of men in a stone chamber of some sort. It was very dark, and the few men I did see were wearing dark hooded cloaks, carrying torches. I only watched them take two or three steps, so Im unsure if they were walking down a corridor or if they were walking in a circle during their ritual. It appeared to depict one of the first intentional summonings of Belial in “recent” history.

I; “Belial, when did your popularity soar? What brought about this shift in your ability to work here in the physical plane?”

Belial; “The rise of the internet in the past decade has brought many people to me”
I can safely assume this is due to magicians no longer needing to purchase very expensive or limited print grimoires or be part of a coven/secret society to get their hands on this knowledge. Occult books were never successful in the mainstream and that limited their reach to those who were either very fortunate or had connections and money already.

After doing a bit of digging, I’d found that around 600BCE, The Pentateuch came into existence, and it is there that the word “Belial” is used some 26 times throughout. The Pentateuch is basically a collection of books that were combined and edited through history to become the Torah, if I understood correctly. (Seriously if I’m not correct I won’t be offended if you correct me below).
It seems as though references to his being in that age very well could have skyrocketed knowledge of his existence, and created a desire to summon and work with Belial, as an agreed upon collection of texts was sure to cover more ground and gain more exposure than these limited works held by individual churches around the Babylonian Empire.

I hope someone finds this useful in their studies, and brings to light a little bit of information regarding occult practices prior to Christianity as it came to be!


Know that i’m cheering you on in your experiences ! Keep at it :heart:


Thank you!! I’m not sure if you know just how refreshing and fulfilling it is to talk to something and get responses that are verifiable through researching. I feel like I have someone I can actually learn from and talk to. It feels like something worth working toward.


Look at you. Great job bro


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