Bridging The Gap

Just throwing some ideas out for a Sunday…

I started doing magick very young, I remember aged 8 as one example and I know that was the age because we moved a few times and I know where we lived.

As a kid, all I had was what i could derive from books (like The Moon Of Gomrath), my dad’s Dennis Wheatley novels & old Pan paperback horrors, and TV, and especially, Hammer Horror movies, which were on broadcast TV in the evenings, and then we had some on video later on.

Also, my mum had this book, this cover, sat on a bookcase, and I saw it every day:

So, firstly, I realised that the half-assed religious teaching we received in school (mainly, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” - which I liked then, and still respect as a guide to everyday interaction now) was being majorly ignored by everyone from my classmates, to my family, to global politics, and also the thing where the meek and mild Baby Jesus in the manger (they never explained the French word manger, I actually had that confused with mange that makes an animal’s fur fall out for ages) turned into this nutcase who’d send you to hell if you saw spirits, wanted to divine the future, or believed in other gods - all of which, I did.

And that people seemed to worship him, yet you should only have one god.

I dismissed it as a total paradox, and yet part of me was still always afraid, “What if they’re right?” - because hello, little girl there, risk assessment skills not fully developed.

I wanted more than just this physical world, I was already aware of and accessing that “more,” and I didn’t understand why the ONLY formal metaphysical teachings I seemed to receive told me that I’d be damned to hellfire (or dismissed as crazy, in the straight world) if I explored them.

And then add onto this that I didn’t know that magick was a real thing that other people did, but then again lots of other stuff in my childhood that I won’t bog this post down with made that an irrelevant marker of my own place in the universe, and my own capabilities.

I was liberated! I didn’t know it at the time, in fact most of my childhood was pretty miserable, but I was liberated from the dual deceivers of homage to any kind of monotheistic “God” and also, I was intrigued and tempted by magick as a practice, without any constraints placed upon what I could or should do, I kind of knew right away that I had to make things up for myself on flimsy frameworks.

And I did.

And after a while, they started to WORK.

I’m typing this off the cuff, I have other stuff I’m behind on posting but the lengths I see magicians go to looking OUTSIDE themselves, no, please don’t do that - you can make life-changing, and world-changing, magick with just a few seeds and your own glorious mind.

I did.

You can.

Take what you have, take what you want, and bridge that gap with your own creative abilites, just like a scared skinny angry sad little girl did.

It’s the best way IMO. :slight_smile:

Highly emotional at that age huh? Interesting I was the complete opposite I had Zero emotions considering some of the things I had ti go through. What inspired you to do magick? What was that one defining thing that taught you it existed or just made you Do and Discover?

Ah, the “Golden Rule”, one of the most popular quotes from the scripture. Personally, I have a problem with that philosophy from a more primal level. On one hand, it seems a nice, civil way where everyone can get along and show mutual respect to each other in civilized society. It’s a seemingly nice ideal on the surface, and certainly a philosophy worth pushing by governments as a tool to help maintain order and social control. On the other hand, it doesn’t work in the natural world and would be counter intuitive to self-preservation. For example, if a hungry lion on the savanna sat back and watched a herd of gazelles go by and wanted to pursue and eat one but sat there and thought, “well, I wouldn’t want someone to kill and eat me so I’m going to do unto others as I would have done unto me and not kill and eat one”, of course, the lion would subsequently starve to death. So on a more Darwinian and primal level of nature the golden rule breaks down into a flawed and even self destructive philosophy. When it comes to being a predator or prey, I know which one I would rather be. Now, I know one could argue that a person doesn’t necessarily have to be one or the other, and most of the time in modern, civilized society that is probably true. But let society begin to break down and with the increasing degrees that it does, the dichotomy between predator and prey grows and becomes more defined and the middle ground shrinks and the so called “golden rule” becomes irrelevant.

What was the significance of the Agatha Christie book to you?

Actually I had a tight hold on most emotions, except anger and the underlying fear, but obviously my point wasn’t that people have to think like me (and especially not like Baby Me!) to be able to do the majix, just that if I could create my own systems in less than ideal circs, other folks can as well. :slight_smile:

As for the golden rule or whatever, I find that having a positive mental attitude most of the time in normal interactions with people gets me a better response and a nicer life, so as a strategy I’ve stuck with it, because it works.

Co-operation is usually a pro-survival trait in humans, a lone human is basically pretty weak and useless, but a tribe or a nation, not so much.

I’m very good at getting what I want in life, and most of the time that’s possible without any magick, just by being a positive person and shunning the anchors of bitterness, resentment, and envy, which are traits I’ve observed dragging down just about every unsuccessful person I’ve ever met.

Obviously there are large swathes of people on this planet who I believe would best benefit society by becoming maggot food, but on an everyday basis in a normal urban world, being pleasant and positive makes life far better, and it doesn’t rule out a second-tier response of aggression when warrented.

The same as the significance of any visually striking image, like advertising - “This is possible, try it” I guess. :slight_smile:

It intrigued me, I believe maybe because of past life carry-overs, but I would look at it for ages and feel somehow inspired. Power over others by covert means - what unhappy kid doesn’t want to live THAT dream? :smiley:

Lol. People are already maggot food/fertilizer. ObserveThe System.

Awesome post Lady Eva! Ever since I was little, magick, spirits, gods, and demons interested and fascinated me. My house hold wasn’t all that religious with each of us having our own unique spirituality. My dad was a Christian but he was (and is) pretty private about it. My sister was Christian too but she’s more of an agnostic now. And my mom has both tribal and Christian beliefs. When I was fourteen I became a born again Christian which I did as a way to try to get Jesus to fix all of my problems not knowing that I could use magick to make a better life myself. That lasted until last year when I was seventeen and I began to get fed up with Jesus and Christianity and turned to black magick right away. I had been atheist for a brief time but was in self denial of that up to the point of turning to black magick. Now I’m getting results and beginning my long road to ascension. I couldn’t be happier about the path that I am on.