Hi there im Brian.

I like black Magic and demons in really intersted in the story they have to tell. In from the Nederlands and im 25.

I want to learn more about black Magic and demons. And i hope ik can make a lot of Friends and vind help here.


Welcome! :smiley:

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Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @ripper_1994

Do you have any practical experience in magick? You haven’t told us anything regarding what you practice, or how long you have practiced.


It helps us to know if you had any prior supernatural/psychic experiences etc., and also helps people who can’t join up right now (maybe they live in a country where it’s not safe, or maybe they’re just too freaked out etc) to know what other people have going on, and why they came to a black magick forum. :+1:


In tryimg to summon sallos now for the last 5 years but also for a frienship only now i really need him. I read about wigga but i never did it.

Welcome :blush:

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@ripper_1994 welcome to the forum

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