Breathing Rituals

So I am 100% new to evocation as well as summoning in general and would definitely like whatever information you wanna give but the point of this post is regarding the use of breathing techniques in meditation / rituals.

Do you think that with opening the third eye that breathing techniques still matter or do you tend to let your body drive your own breathing techniques?

Referring more to the ones involving focusing energy to specific chakras, do you find that there are specific times to focus energy around a specific chakra in summoning / evocation or is it more “let it flow”? If you believe that you should focus on breathing techniques and specifying energy to specific chakras, what would you recommend for someone who is knowledgeable in the techniques but has never performed an evocation to start their specific journey?

Also, we are all cursed in our own ways, I appreciate you for speaking out and as someone who tends to speak out in public… keep doing what you’re doing :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to read this and giving your insight.

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Breathing techniques are not necessary for evocation, and neither are the chakras, but if you want to use them, feel free to do so. The only thing necessary is a trance state, and that is all breathing techniques are used for in evocation generally.

They can be helpful for some, but personally, I have never had any success with breathing techniques. The Golden Dawn system always recommends the 4 Fold Breath, but it did nothing for me.

That’s what I like about EA’s system. It doesn’t require any specific breathing techniques. You simply let your body breathe naturally while focusing your awareness.

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So I’m doing this
Thing wear I hold out my left hand and Inhale at a directed target.
For the most most part I feel nothing.

It seems if I target the right person; I get high.
Not to seem like anti Female but it seems that men have a lot of energy.

Breathing from the base is all you need to Enter meditative trance where evocation becomes tangible. And invoking divine power in you is all you need as far as energy work. Unless you are working with spirits for talismans and other magickal materia that is all needed for evocation. Konstantinos Smoning spirits exercises are good to prep your skills before starting evocations. But even that is not at all mandatory since Jasón Miller summon spirits without evocations but invocations for spellcraft.