Breath work struggles

I’m not sure how many of you also struggle with this but I have a narrow airway that affects my breathing especially through my nose so I tend to breathe through the mouth. I try to focus on my breath work as much as I can but I struggle so much with meditation because of my breathing. Tonight I found that I was able to relax and visualize more with body movements to music. Like if I’m listening to a slow emotional song with violin I begin moving my hands in kind of an infinity or just whatever feels right and my body sways very gently. I start seeing that infinity symbol on the screens of my eyelids. I become more focused. I’m curious as to what you all personally like to do during your meditations and if you face any struggles what you do to overcome them?

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The trick is to touch your nose or mouth and feel the breathe & body awareness simultaneously going into your face and body.

Beathe in imagining the color white circulating throughout your face and into your body. That’s all you need. There could always be something else such as outside interference causing this. But, usually it’s the lack of awareness that it’s not correlating correctly with your physical body.

Try scratching your nose and holding on to the feeling if need to.

You can hold your nose or put the tip of your finger on the tip of your nose.

Also don’t worry to much about breathing within a certain amount of seconds. Just take good deep breaths that make you feel good while doing so. Hold however long or however short you’d like.

Also breathe out black air or any physical tension you have that’s stopping you from relaxing.

Also, with sounds it’s a good thing to have to help distract your mind, so you can focus easier on your meditation. However… Ideally, you don’t want any noises. You must clear your mind and reject thoughts & images that are bringing up physical tension.

But if your wanting to be creative and let your imagination go wild then yeah, you don’t have to reject thoughts. Just do the nose or mouth touching trick and instructions.

I hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face: