Breakup with Abbadon?

Hello everyone! I did a breakup ritual with Asmoday and while I thought at first he accepted my offering to work with me, it seems like the relationship has only further developed and to my surprise through asking whether he wants to aid me with this and using tarot I’ve come to the conclusion that he decided to ignore my request.

I asked my deck whether Abbadon would help me with it and it was a yes, also pretty straightforward “no” when I asked if I should work with other entities on this aside from with him. Has anyone else summoned him/petitioned him to break up a couple? And if so, what did you do exactly?


I have not had his help for break up spells, I do work a lot with Abaddon in the line of influence and guidance and had his help with other types of baneful works. he seems very much in his element when asked to spread chaos and destruction. He is a lord of the Abyss and appears to like it if I call him by his title of The Great Destroyer.

However you would go about your break-up rite/ spell. I would call on the powers of chaos and destruction without naming an entity in one part of the ritual and in the part where you call on Abaddon for help. I would ask him something like “I call on your powers of destruction to destroy and obliterate the bond between person X and person Y. Turn their love to bitterness/ turn their love sour” Something along those line, but make it your own.

If you can incorporate this in your spell, I’d also visualize the love between person X and Y to flow in something like a string or better yet something you can break, something like a stick would do or maybe even a cup (you can visualize the love flowing in the cup and become one with the cup, so that the visualized love breaks along with the cup). If your visualization is complete, try to feel the sheer joy of destruction itself while you break the object and do that in honor of Abaddon.

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