Breakup spell and reunite

I’m looking for a powerful breakup spell. Summary: met guy, fell in love, both of us had these feelings but both of us are married. There’s issues in both our relationships we’re unhappy with but guy suddenly and randomly blocked me and stopped all communication. We recently bumped into each other and communicated briefly so I know there’s still some feelings there even if not as strong since it’s been months. Want to separate his marriage (and mine) but focus is on his right now and have him come around. He seems mad at me too. Not sure why. I’ve done all of the Hoodoo stuff (honey jar, ammonia jar) which have worked but only for a single interaction at a time and then he’s back to being mad, distant and blocking. I am still working those but I want to try something more powerful now. I have no experience evoking or working with any spirits except the Holy Spirit (grew up in the church but not a Christian) and Erzulie Freda in the Haitian Voodoo path. I’m actually wanting to work with a spirit or entity that will work quickly and cause a swift and pretty destructive breakup on their end and then bring him to me. I’m not concerned about karma and I don’t have any reservations about my intent or desire. Also not afraid to work with darker entities. I’ve got my own divorce/breakup covered. Target is extremely stubborn and strong willed so it will require bending his will. Any suggestions?


I’ve got a slightly similar situation I’m dealing with. (PM me if you want to compare notes and help each other out.)

I know Andras is good for breakups… and nasty ones at that. Dantalion is good for changing peoples minds and bringing love to you. There’s several others who are good for love. Gremory, and Furfur in particular if you want real, deep, lasting, soulmate type love.


@Drakhen_Fyre Dear could you please pm me? I am new that’s why unable to that. Will discuss with you about the same matter. Thanks in advance.

would you mind if i DMed you as well?

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understood, thank you!!! <3