Breakup layered spirits Asmodeus, Zepar, Dantalion,Leraje, Sallos

So I wanted to consult this with someone because I’m planing on doing a layered workin to separate to people but do it strategically.
I have done some spells in the past that have worked tremendously but it need a lil
More to completely manifest.

The couple is almost broken and I know there’s no love there, he doesn’t want to be with her and there’s chaos in the house but she doesn’t leave because her husband won’t take her back and she has nowhere to go with her kid (that baby is from her marriage (yes she is married living with another man who is my target and who I want back in my life and that i know he wants to come back) the thing is she is manipulative because let’s say she know tooo much about his business and she could snitch on him and go to jail and I know is true because I have seen the evidence. She has broken everything in their house because she knows he wants to leave her and come back home with me and her husband it’s so hurt he won’t accept her back into his house…
So ithought that maybe instead of being so aggressive I could maybe do a love and reconciliation spell on her and her husband so they can be together as a family again and maybe use Dantalion or Sallos. I thought on doing this this week on Friday since the moon in crescent and in piscis so it’s emotional.

Also I know she has faked pregnancy in the past so he won’t leave her. But it came out to be false but I know that is what she wants because she knew I was pregnant when she started with my target so it’s like a competition for her (she even uses my name as hers and stole my clothes and makeup literally) she’s obsess with me. So I wondered if maybe Zepar would help in making the infertile for the time so when I get back together with my target we don’t have to deal with that situation. And she can move on happy with her husband.
And maybe Asmodeus could give a lil push into the breakup.
I’m plan on doing the bane full maybe the day of the eclipse or before on a Tuesday or Saturday not sure yet.

I’m planing on using dolls jars candles and using DOM ritual one …

With all being said (and sorry for any errors English is not my first language) please give me some input or observation suggestion what ever … I’ll appreciate it


It’s a long shot but I might suggest an attraction and love spell for a new love in her life, that wants the baby too, and she can apply the lessons learned to make that one work.

It sounds like they’re already broken up, but the finance is an issue and she can’t fend for herself. She needs a new partner and to rebuild her life. It will take too long to have her rebuild her career with the baby being a huge drain on energy and resources. So find her a new protector and she’ll be out of there like a bat out of hell.

That’s why I thought on doing the live spell between her husband and her because they are still married maybe something can flourish there again. He has told me that she has tried to go back but he won’t take her back …


Speaking from experience and without going into too much detail about my story, I can say that if there’s even an iota of love there with the husband, despite his being hurt at the moment, there’s a chance for them to reconcile.


Agreed and I think you should absolutely use Dantalion for that. He’s a master at changing hearts and minds.