Breaking up a group - Asmodai, Amon or Andras

Hello BALG Fam -

In your experience who is the right deity to break up a group of people to go separate ways? The group is relatively new (5 months) with both males and females but very close knit. Around 8 to 10 members. The group has an unofficial leader and has a group name. Need something that will be fast acting. If you have any other spells or ideas, please share them.

Thanks in advance for sharing your insights and experiences.


Are you familiar with the book Angels and Demons by Henry Archer?

The combination of Yezalel and Beleth can “cause anger and chaos within a group.”

Yechuiah and Gaap can “bring mistrust and hatred into any group.”



Thank you sir! Your preference is these deities instead of the ones I mentioned? I have not checked out the book you mentioned. My source of reference is mainly the GOM Demons Of Magick and a few other online resources.

You didn’t mention any spirits in your post…

i’m just going by what the book says. I have not used these particular spirits myself but the combination is what makes it unique, and I’m not sure if the same results are possible using the Demons of Magick method which just tasks the demon, with the angels acting more like supervisors than taking part.

leraje disruption/argument , gaap disent ,andras discord/jealousy/mistrust. these from demon of magick book

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Duh! I just noticed the tail end of the title. Sorry about that. lol :sweat_smile:

All I originally saw was “Breaking up a Group.”

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No worries! So now that you know the dieties I specified. What do you think ?