Breaking up a couple for an unusual reason

This is a bit complicated so I won’t bother typing the whole situation out. Basically though someone has been making and sticking to a decision regarding someone else. Trouble is this is in turn directly suceeding in screwing up my own progress in life, trapping me and creating a huge and mounting obsticle. I very recently learned that the descision was made only because of a meddling live in girlfriend. Now I think I’m getting somewhere. If I can bust this couple up it seems pretty sure that a new des ion would be made, one that would actually benifit several people aside from me. Now that said I would not normally resort to this at all even if I stood to gain, but it’s becoming more and more clear that I am actually realizing that what I’m dealing with is someone who is taking advance of and financially abusing an innocent old fellow with bad health, and keeping his own family from helping him.

I have never working with or even looked into any magic aimed at causing a break up. I didn’t think I’d ever have a need of such a thing. But obviously it’s now time to try something new out of sheer nessiciety. I’m assuming some “break up magic” is the way to go with this even though the reason is not quite the typical one. Anyone know any good ones?

If you do a search on the term “break-up” there should be some spells in this section, also some of The Cusp’s sigil ideas might work?