Breaking The Chains Of The Herd Mentality!

I was raised in a strict christian household, and though I have not lived with my parents in over a decade, I am still painfully aware of the damage that being raised that way has effected me. I have spent many years trying to tare down the cult like programming that religion forces down your throat, and yet I still find myself caught up in seeing things through those ignorant, narrow-minded psuedo morality lenses. It is a struggle to say the least, and it is a struggle that Im sure I share with atleast a few people on this forum, which is why I felt I should create this thread.

Have you gone through the cruelty of being raised in a family of followers of the death cult of christianty? Please share your experiences, and what you have done to overcome the crippling effects of this kind of abuse.

If you have’t gone through this, but still would like to share, please feel free to do so.

This is a serious issue for many of us, because we have to break these chains, or be cursed to never be truly free, cursed to never reach our birthright as living gods.

Ars Longa Vita Brevis


Christians are conditioned not to think, few among them flee from this mentality, you are one of these, I was also raised in a Catholic Christian home and then I was an evangelist but something was always missing, because their ignorance is very great, besides the injustices , lack of character, ethics, idolaters who love the bastard, the hanging in the logger.

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Well… breaking the herd mentality ? I honestly don’t think so. There’s always a herd, it’s just a different one for each. And each herd trying to break the herd mentality of other herds.

If we’ll talk about truly breaking the herd mentality then the result should be absolute individuality with no connection whatsoever.


I completely agree. I always felt that it was just a bunch of BS to control the weak and ignorant. Either an opiat for the masses or a means to control through fear. I escaped, but not unscathed. Even to this day I can tell that it has altered my perceptions on what is “right and wrong”. These are the things I am seeking to free myself from.

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True, true. A very fair point. I more specifically meant that I am seeking ways to free myself from the corrupted “morales” that were instilled in me as a child. Its easy to say that I don’t believe the BS anymore, but I am still aware of how it has changed my perception of how the world is supposed to work.

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Absolutely. You have my full support on that, we all should break free from those illusions :+1:


Thank you for the support. It won’t be easy, but I will break these chains. The first step was to become aware of them, and now I will patientley work on myself with the help of the spirits, and my brothers and sisters on the path. Thank you again.


A traditional or O.N.A version of the Black Mass is just the thing.
There’s some material on here about head zapping.
The methods of the O.N.A. are brutally effective at destroying herd mentality - and therefore dangerous.


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I have read a few different versions of the Black Mass, but I am not familiar with the O.N.A. version. I may have to loo into it.


You’re writing actually makes me sad and happy at the same time. I can not imagine what you went through, but the sheer hatred comes through in your writing. I like that your channeling that energy and working towards creating your own beliefs. Sorry for analyzing. You sound like a cool person :slight_smile:

occasio praeceps, experimentum periculosum, iudicium difficile


Doing J.D. Temple’s black flame meditation everyday for a couple months definitely helped shift my perception.

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i lived with that for a long time aswell.

then one day i just affrimed i was dropping the guilt like a big sack of spuds…as long as i can live with what i do i carry no guilt with me

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Like when Magician X posts about Demon Y and everybody starts raving about Y

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Raving rulz :rofl:

Im fine with the analyzing, and your pretty much right. I know what I went through wasn’t “fair” or “right”, but in the end I’m only going to grow stronger from it. Especially knowing that I’m not the only one that has suffered this way.

Thank you for your response and support. I draw strength from all of my brothers and sisters on the path.

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Thank you. I will look into this.

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Well said. Now I am trying to drop the “big sack of spuds”. :slight_smile: It won’t be easy, but I won’t give up easily, and I will be free of this weight.

I know that this weight on my shoulders is truly just my wings waiting to open.

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Are they going to be covered in feathers or scales LOL

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LOL. Probably scales. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Rather than talk about how awful it was for me because I’m sure we all know what that’s like I’ll share my journey towards getting over that limiting mentality

  1. I questioned everything as a kid It was just my natural personality and it was very much hated by almost every single adult I came into contact with especially religious adults because I asked too many questions about the theology that was supposed to make so much sense it couldn’t be questioned But if you’re not questioning anything you’re not learning and I came to know the bible so well that I used it against them like some kind of demon child

Ironically my grandmother who was extremely religious arguably the MOST religious one in a family of religious nuts was the only one who encouraged this and told me the problem wasn’t me it was just that I asked questions that were too hard for the adults to answer but keep it up

RIP grandma

  1. One day I got so freaking fed up with it I couldn’t have been more than 16 I went out to the park laid down on the grass looked up to the sky and said that I wanted to know the truth whatever that looked like even if it wasn’t in this religion

I started having visions of a white wolf shortly after that and came into contact with my spirit guide Apollo

I had a crazy dream about what the temple of delphi looked like when it was fully functional except I didn’t know anything about it Someone I told the dream to in a chatroom for pagans told me what it was and sent me pictures They were right my dream matched it exactly except the pictures I saw were in ruins and it was so sad because it had looked so beautiful before

Apollo consistently taught me the value and lesson behind “Know Thyself” even when I didn’t think he was there and thought I fell out of magick he just led me down other venues that taught me the same thing until I got it and was ready to connect with him again

  1. I got as far away from it as possible This meant completely shunning it which is hard to do this in society when you have jehova’s witnesses knocking on your door

I found what worked through me by studying keeping an open mind gravitating towards the practices that made sense to me like divination and meditation and focused on that

By focusing on what IS working for you instead of what doesn’t allows you to take this process slow. Not everyone is ready to go out and burn their bibles the next day

  1. I have a hard and fast rule this is me take it or leave it I was never going to live under the tyranny of someone else’s beliefs again

It’s ok if we believe something different just as long as you know having a relationship with me means my tarot cards come too

It takes time to get over this but if you work at it you can

Just don’t expect it to happen over night

PS. I don’t claim to know the absolute truth of the universe I just know what’s true for me and no I did not find it in that religion


This doesn’t happen over night it takes work

Go easy on yourself and understand it’s a process

Do something to dedicate yourself to something new. (For me it was the pursuit of knowledge)

Focus on what does make sense to you

Question everything and never stop